Come say hello at LASER China!

If you are at the LASER World of Photonics China on March 20-22, swing by our booth 2436 in hall W2 to hear about our broad range of lasers. Here are some examples of what we are presenting.

Pico and femtosecond lasers for micromachining

Ultrafast ORIGAMI XP laser

The aeroPULSE and ORIGAMI pico and femtosecond ultrafast lasers are designed for industrial micromachining applications. Based on our proprietary PCF and monolithic solid-state platforms, the lasers offer reliable and stable performance.

Now with the availability of shorter harmonic wavelengths, our lasers are ideal for low-thermal high-resolution cutting, scribing, and repairing applications.

Industrial white light lasers, ideal for lamp replacement

SuperK FIANIUM supercontinuum white light laser

Our range of SuperK supercontinuum white light lasers is designed to work around the clock in industrial applications.

With its rugged design, high reliability, and competitive price, it is perfect for demanding commercial use such as lamp replacement and semiconductor inspection.

Narrow linewidth, frequency-doubled for quantum research

Single-frequency Koheras HARMONIK SHG module

The Koheras HARMONIK is our new frequency-doubled, mechanically stable, single-frequency fiber laser system. It has a unique combination of narrow linewidth and excellent beam quality.

The HARMONIK produces a high output power while still possessing all the low-noise quality the Koheras laser are renowned for!

Want to know more? Come see us in hall W2, booth #2436

We look forward to seeing you!