Better textile sorting and less food waste

Perhaps an odd mix, but hyperspectral imaging can advance both.

HyperSort, a new project supported by a 14 million DKK investment from the Innovation Fund, unites laser technology, chemometrics, textile recycling, and meat processing experts to create an advanced hyperspectral imaging system. Its primary objectives are to improve textile sorting efficiency and reduce food waste.

The project addresses challenges in hyperspectral imaging, using NKT Photonics’ supercontinuum light source to enhance resolution, penetration depth, and material differentiation. This technology has applications in, e.g., food analysis due to its minimal heating effects and operational distance capabilities.

The project aims to develop an industry-ready hyperspectral optical engine to advance textile recycling and side-stream meat processing, ultimately making a significant global impact.

Read more in the press release from the Innovation Fund.