A•P•E chooses NKT Photonics’ aeroPULSE ultrafast lasers for next generation OPO systems

NKT Photonics and A·P·E GmbH have signed a long-term frame agreement for NKT Photonics to supply its aeroPULSE line of ultrafast fiber lasers for A·P·E’s Emerald Engine, used for general OPO pumping as well as for A·P·E’s integrated picoEmerald OPO.

NKT Photonics’ aeroPULSE pulsed lasers combines the picosecond seed source from its high volume SuperK manufacuting line with its state of the art aeroGAIN PCF amplifier technology to achieve stable ultrafast fiber lasers with both high output power and narrow linewidth ideally suited for OPO pumping.

A·P·E integrates the aeroPULSE pump laser in their OPO systems typically used in CARS and SRS imaging applications, where the excellent beam quality, pointing stability, and reliability of the aeroPULSE lasers ensures that the high performance OPO systems will run for years without maintenance of the pump laser.

“We are proud to be approved as a long-term supplier by APE, who has a vast experience in the ultrafast laser market”, notes René Kristiansen, aeroPULSE product line manager of NKT Photonics and ads “The advanced imaging applications that APE is playing a key role in are becoming more and more important for biomedical research and we are happy to support this field with our fiber laser technology that will bring the stability and reliability of these systems to a new level.”

“We are pleased to be working with the NKT Photonics team”, explains Bodo Richter, CEO at A·P·E. “Their high product quality and great customer support are also key A·P·E values and we regard NKT Photonics as a key supplier and partner for our OPO systems.”

For more details, please contact aeroPULSE Product Line Manager René Kristiansen on +45 4348 2820 or