ALPhANOV enters collaboration with NKT Photonics on PCF interfacing

NKT Photonics and ALPhANOV are pleased to announce they have made an agreement to provide innovative interfacing solutions for Photonic Crystal Fibers (PCF).

As the world-leading supplier of commercial microstructured fibers, NKT Photonics strives to continuously increase the functionality and robustness of fiber-based systems for their customers. One of the challenges for PCFs lies in their end preparation such as splicing or connectorization to allow users to easily integrate PCFs in various fiber architectures within areas such as bio-imaging, metrology, sensing and material processing.

With strong expertise in designing fiber lasers and fused fiber components, ALPhANOV, the Optics and Laser Technology Center, was chosen by NKT Photonics as their partner for supplying end-treatment solutions to their PCFs, including PCFs connectors, sealed and cleaved PCF, end-capped PCFs and PCFs with mode-adaptors. ALPhANOV addresses the whole Product line of NKT Photonics including active double-clad large mode area fibers, such as the DC-200/40-PZ-Yb and rod-type, and passive PCFs such as hollow core fibers and nonlinear PCFs.

One of ALPhANOV’s main missions is to help companies develop optics and laser innovative products and introducing PCFs often gives a real advantage in terms of performance, compactness and reliability. Through this partnership, ALPhANOV will share its expertise with NKT Photonics’ customers and help them reach original and efficient solutions faster.

And Pascal DUPRIEZ, head of the Laser Department of ALPhANOV, points out:“Through our unique expertise in fiber lasers and fiber components, we have developed specific know-how to ease integration of PCFs for demanding industrial and scientific users.”

Kim P. Hansen, Global Product Line Manager of NKT Photonics adds “Interfacing is important in the fiber field so we are very pleased to work with ALPhANOV to ensure that our customers gets not only the best performing fibers in the market but also an interfacing solution to match”.

This collaboration will set new standards in fiber laser design and fiber-based light sources, as both partners will continue to commit to excellence whether it is for special needs in demanding R&D projects or for industrial components.