Acetylene locked lasers

Are you looking for a laser with superior long-term mode-hop-free stability as a foundation for your acetylene-locked laser?

Curved laser light

High long-term stability and a well-defined reference wavelength are essential for locking and stabilizing the wavelength in e.g. frequency combs, spectroscopy, metrology, or laser cooling and trapping.

With the Koheras BASIK X15, you get a stable, ultra-narrow linewidth fiber laser with intrinsically low phase noise. Lock it to acetylene to get an even higher long-term stability. Optimized for 1542 nm, our BASIK X15 laser has become the preferred foundation for a rock-steady acetylene-locked laser.

On top, the BASIK X15 is mode-hop-free and gives you the narrowest linewidth on the market, just 0.1 kHz.