The NKT Photonics ultrafast lasers offer a wide range of pulse lengths from femtosecond to picosecond and output power up to 50 W. Get variable or fixed repetition rate, single shot or burst mode, and optimize for your application.

The lasers listed below are our standard models. For more information on OEM solutions, please contact your local sales manager.

Find the right ultrafast laser for you

Our ultrafast lasers comes in a range of power levels and pulse lengths. See the overview below to find the one that fits your application.

ORIGAMI femtosecond lasers

The Onefive ORIGAMI is our pure femtosecond laser series. Available as low noise seed lasersmicro-joule high energy systems, or tunable OPA systems.

aeroPULSE fiber lasers

aeroPULSE is our ultrafast fiber laser platform. Robust, industrial, and available in both pico- and femtosecond flavors.

If you are looking for a laser to run 24/7, the aeroPULSE series is for you.


With external trigger functionality, nano- to picosecond pulse duration, and a wide range of wavelengths, the KATANA & PILAS series are our most versatile offering.

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ORIGAMI IRO femtosecond optical parametric amplifier system

ORIGAMI IRO is a widely tunable (210 nm to 11 µm), cost-effective femtosecond laser and optical parametric amplifier system with multi-µJ output. Get industry-leading beam pointing stability in a compact air-cooled system that is fully automated and environmentally stable. Read more

Onefive ORIGAMI XP high energy femtosecond laser

The ORIGAMI XP is the first all-in-one, single-box, microjoule femtosecond laser on the market. The laser head, controller, and air-cooling system are all integrated into one robust package so small it fits in your hand luggage. The monolithic laser delivers up to 70 µJ pulse energy at 1030 nm, 5 W average power, and a pulse duration below 400 fs. Also available with frequency conversion to green and UV. Read more

aeroPULSE laser head

aeroPULSE PS high power narrow linewidth picosecond lasers

aeroPULSE is a portfolio of industrial-grade mode-locked fiber lasers based on NKT Photonics world renowned Crystal Fiber platform. Delivering up to 40 W of output power, while maintaining a linewidth less than 1 nm, the aeroPULSE line is designed for applications within semiconductor inspection, bioimaging and material processing. Read more

PILAS picosecond pulsed diode lasers

PILAS picosecond pulsed diode lasers

Versatile, picosecond pulsed diode lasers designed for both industrial and scientific applications. With more than 10 different wavelengths to choose from and repetition rates from single-shot to 40 MHz pulse trains with internal or external trigger, you get an extremely flexible system to fit any application. Read more

Onefive synch module reverse

Onefive ORIGAMI laser accessories

The Onefive ORIGAMI accessory range offers everything needed to enhance the versatility and flexibility of the Onefive Ultrafast Lasers. The accessories are available in a wide range of options useful to increase the lasers performance. Read more