The SuperK series is an industry-leading range of turn-key supercontinuum white light lasers used by the most innovative companies within bio-imaging, semiconductor inspection, sorting, device characterization, and scientific instrumentation.

What is a supercontinuum laser?

Light from a supercontinuum white light laser diffracted through a prismImagine the brightness of a laser with the spectrum of a lamp. Our SuperK lasers deliver bright diffraction limited light from 390-2400 nm. Fiber delivered and collimated. You even get MHz picosecond pulses with tunable repetition rate and adjustable delay. Add one of our filters and you now have an ultra broadband tunable laser.

The sources are robust and reliable, built for intensive use, and can replace multiple single-line lasers as well as broadband sources like ASE sources, SLEDs and lamps.

Learn more about supercontinuum white light lasers in our quick 3 min intro video here


Find the right laser for you

Our supercontinuum lasers come in a range of power levels and spectral coverage.

SuperK FIANIUM supercontinuum white light laser SuperK EVO industrial supercontinuum white light laser SuperK COMPACT supercontinuum white light laser

High end lasers

Select the FIANIUM or EXTREME series if you need maximum wavelength coverage, high power, and lots of functionality such as variable rep rate.

Great for bio-imaging or advanced material characterization.

Industrial OEM lasers

Looking for high end performance for industrial integration? The SuperK EVO series is for you.

Ideal for sorting, device characterization and other industrial applications as well as bio-medical applications like microscopy and endoscopy.

Entry level lasers

Choose the COMPACT series if you need less power in a cost-effective and compact solution.

Perfect for starting out and compatible with the same filters as the high end lasers so you can upgrade to a bigger laser later.

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NKT Photonics laser control software

CONTROL is our unified software platform capable of controlling all our laser from one single system. Multiple lasers and filtering accessories can be controlled from the same interface and you can even mix SuperK, aeroPULSE and Koheras lasers. Read more