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Karen Scammell

VP OEM Sales

Karen has significant experience leading sales teams globally to drive design-wins, revenue growth, and deliver long-term delighted customers. Karen has worked in plastics, analytical instrumentation, laser micromachining for life science and semiconductor markets. Karen has a BS in Plastics Engineering and an MBA from Northeastern University.

Sascha Häuser

Senior Director of Sales

Sascha Häuser has been with us since 2007 and has 15 years of experience in the laser industry where he worked with solid state lasers, disc lasers, CPAs, OPOs, frequency conversion, fiber lasers and supercontinuum. In addition to his technical background, Sascha holds a diploma in Business Administration from FOM Essen.

Ross Hodder

Senior Sales Manager, SuperK OEM

Ross has over 10 years’ experience in sales in the photonics sector working in both scientific and industrial markets. He joined NKT Photonics in 2009, after working for Alstom Transport and BFi Optilas in the UK. Ross has had responsibility for sales, marketing and product management and holds a degree in Physics with Lasers from the University of Southampton, UK.

Tony Pisano

Senior Sales Director, Ultrafast OEM

Tony Pisano has been with us since 2013 and has 20 years of experience in the laser industry primarily in roles of business development, sales management, product line management, and applications engineering in lasers, semiconductors & optoelectronics. He holds degrees in Physics from University of Illinois and in Business Management from St. Marys College, Moraga CA

Martin Laging

Senior Sales Manager, Koheras OEM

Martin joined NKT Photonics in 2018. He has been working in the photonics industry sales since 2004 and served OEM and key accounts in the fiber laser market. Martin received his PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Goettingen in 2001.

Timothy McComb

Applications Manager, All products

Tim joined NKT in 2018. He holds a PhD in Optics and Photonics from the University of Central Florida. He has more than 10 years of experience in laser development and applications; particularly in fiber lasers, large mode area fibers, ultrafast lasers, and industrial and defense applications of fiber lasers.

Chris Meyers

Senior Sales Manager, US NE & Canada

With NKT Photonics since 2016, Chris is responsible for the US northeast and Canada. Previously with Instruments SA (Horiba) for 7 years, Princeton Instruments and Ondax. At Ondax, Chris was responsible for the successful development of the Raman business in North America with a focus on Spectroscopy.

Dave Stockwell

Sales Manager, US NW & NoCal

Dave joined us in 2018 and manages sales in the Northwest US and San Francisco Bay Area. He has been in the photonics industry since 2009, with a background in ultrafast laser and nonlinear optical device research and development, product management and sales. Dave holds a Ph.D in Physical Chemistry from Emory University.

Min Chen

Senior Sales Manager, US SoCal

With NKT since 2019, Min Chen has over 20 years’ experience in photonics working in roles such as engineering, product line manage- ment, business development, and sales management in the defense, life sciences/ biomedical, and semiconductor markets. Min has a degree in optics from the University of Rochester and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

Tim Gerke

Sales Manager, US SW

Tim Gerke is the Technical Sales Manager for the US Southwest Region. In 2011, he received his PhD in electrical engineering with a focus on lasers and optics from the University of Colorado, and has been with NKT Photonics since 2010. Tim helps researchers, who work with supercontinuum, ultrafast, and narrow linewidth lasers, achieve their goals.

Todd Heimer

Senior Sales Manager, US New England & Eastern Canada (QC)

Todd joined NKT in 2019 to cover New England and Eastern Canada. He brings ultrafast laser experience from NIST where he studied femto and picosecond chemical reaction dynamics. Todd has numerous years of experience in sales and support of optical scientific equipment and holds a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University.

Jason Reeves

Sales Manager, US Midwest

Jason joined NKT in 2019 to cover the midwestern US territories. He holds a PhD from Stony Brook University where he studied atomic physics. Jason has over 9 years of experience with optical frequency combs, sub-Hz continuous wave lasers, and ultrafast lasers.

Alex Morrison

Sales Manager, US SE

Alex joined us in 2018 and manages the southeastern US territories. Prior to joining NKT Photonics, Alex’s focus was on ultrafast lasers and time-resolved laser spectroscopy. He holds a master’s degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Georgia.


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