Chirped Pulse Amplification for the benefit of mankind

November 5, 2018

Our photonic crystal fibers are feeling really proud these days. They are thrilled to be a part of the XCAN-project with a noble purpose, initiated by Nobel Prize winner in Physics, Gérard Mourou.

Supercontinuum lasers in pursuit of a cleaner world

October 29, 2018

In the EU, exhaust particle emission from vehicles is regulated for the benefit of the environment. However, with evolving engine technologies such as Gasoline Direct Injection, a large portion of…

Faster, greener Internet coming up

October 26, 2018

When you send a cute kitten video; your favorite tune; or a photo of your…

Get a speedy delivery of your new laser

October 24, 2018

It is fall. Suddenly, the lazy summer months are over, and things speed up. The…