Precision polymer cutting with femtosecond UV laser

The short wavelengths of our UV femtosecond lasers give you better processing tolerances and virtually no heat-affected zones.

UV polymer cutting PTFE

Laser cutting with short UV wavelengths gives several advantages:

  • Machine small volumes accurately with virtually no heat-affected zones.
  • Cut or drill thin polymer films or tubes into complex shapes with a high resolution.
  • High precision and low thermal input to the material due to small kerf widths.

We put our ORIGAMI XP to the test in our application lab. Read more about the advantages of laser processing with UV wavelengths in the application note.

The ORIGAMI XP offers easy and cost-effective integration. Its air-cooled, single-box chassis with removable handles offers full remote-control capabilities. With a rugged design and low maintenance costs, it is ideal for many industrial applications.

Read the application note.