Micromachining of thermally sensitive PET film

PET film is a clear, strong, and lightweight material that is becoming popular for the manufacturing of flexible microelectronics circuits and displays. PET is a low-cost solution compared to glass and other flexible substrates. However, machining is a challenge due to its low glass transition temperature.

Drilled holes

It is not possible to machine PET film using long pulse nanosecond lasers due to the thermal load long pulses deliver to the material.

Use ultrafast femtosecond lasers instead. They provide a non-thermal cold ablation process due to their short pulses with high peak power, which makes them ideal for the micromachining of PET film.

In our application lab, we put our ORIGAMI XP to the test. We tested infrared wavelengths as well as green, to see which wavelength gave a better result.

Read the application note to see what we found.