Laser micromachining of thin PMMA film

Precise machining of thin polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) calls for ultrafast, high-power lasers. In our application lab, we have seen good results using our ultrafast ORIGAMI XP laser.

Circles in a square

The growing use of PMMA in medical device and display manufacturing demands a high-precision micro-machining process to create fine features. 

Ultrafast lasers provide the needed precise, non-contact micromachining processing technique with a minimal need for post-processing.

In our application lab, we have seen that our ORIGAMI XP femtosecond laser is well suited to machine PMMA films.

Using infrared wavelengths to process PMMA films yields much better quality than a long-pulse laser CO2 laser. A green wavelength laser can improve quality even further.

We have designed our ORIGAMI XP for easy and cost-effective integration. It comes in an air-cooled, single-box chassis with removable handles and offers full remote-control capabilities. With a rugged design and low maintenance costs, it is ideal for many industrial applications.

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