Laser micromachining of thin glass

Our femtosecond lasers offer high-speed machining of thin, transparent, and brittle materials - with high precision and high quality.

Thin glass cut

The development of femtosecond lasers has transformed micromachining technology. It enables the machining of thin, transparent, and semi-transparent materials with high precision and quality at high speed.

Femtosecond lasers offer a reliable method for producing cuts, holes, and scribes in brittle materials.

Thin glass is widely used in photonics, microelectronics, displays, and biomedical chip manufacturing and has created a need for a reliable high-yield high-quality glass machining process.

The ORIGAMI XP has been designed for easy and cost-effective integration. It comes in an air-cooled, single-box chassis with removable handles and offers full remote-control capabilities. With a rugged design and low maintenance costs, it is ideal for many industrial applications.

In our application lab, we have successfully drilled tiny holes, cut, and scribed in very thin glass using our Onefive ORIGAMI XP femtosecond laser.

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