Laser marking of polymer tubes

Ultrafast laser marking of polymers can produce a permanent high-contrast mark in the material. Unlike printing, laser marking is resistant to solvents or abrasion.

Blue nylon tube

Materials processing with ultrafast lasers provides unique advantages over conventional laser processing techniques.

The short pulse widths and high repetition rates allow for faster processing speeds and incredibly small and precise marking features.

The multiphoton absorption of ultrashort pulses means that the wavelength of the femtosecond pulses plays a less critical role and in the cold processing regime, the marks are free of melting and charring.

Ultrafast lasers can be used to process a number of polymers, irrespective of transparency or thickness. The same laser that can cut the material, can also produce a permanent, high-quality mark, simplifying manufacturing by enabling more than one process by a single laser.

In our application lab, we put our ORIGAMI XP to the test. Read how the high peak-power and ultrashort pulses ensure high-contrast markings – even on transparent material.

Read the application note.