Perimeter Security

The protection and security of critical assets such as power plants, airports, borders, and other kinds of infrastructures have never been more vital than today. The new distributed fiber optic sensor systems have better range and sensitivity than traditional sensor systems and can improve the security even further.

Our Koheras lasers are deployed for interferometric and distributed acoustic sensing systems which use optical fibers as sensors. The fiber acts as a long acoustic sensor and picks up any acoustic disturbance or perturbation along the line.

Long range and high sensitivity

The intrinsic low phase noise, the narrow linewidth, and the long coherence length of the Koheras lasers make them ideal for interferometric sensing systems with high demands to dynamic range and sensitivity. The lasers make it possible to monitor large areas – tens of kilometers – with a single laser source.

Distributed sensing systems

A laser is not enough to form a distributed sensing system, an interrogator is also needed. The interrogator sends light into the fiber and detects the scattered light that comes back while complex algorithms figure out what is going on along the fiber – with high precision.

Thanks to the low-noise properties of the laser, the interrogation techniques, and the interpretation software, both the location and frequency contents of an event can be analyzed and help the operator decide if actions are required.

The interpretation software detects every intrusion but ensures that only relevant information is passed on to the operators. Ultra-precise detection reveals the exact position of the incident, eliminating uncertainties while saving time.

The Koheras laser has played an important role in this application area due to its industrial design, inherent low noise properties and stable performance that is unaffected by different environmental conditions and wide temperature ranges in the field.

Robust, reliable, and a long lifetime

Our fiber laser design is inherently compact and robust. It is developed for a long lifetime in demanding environments where uptime is critical. With documented low failure rates, we proudly deliver the most reliable low noise lasers on the market.

We have more than 15,000 Koheras lasers deployed in the harshest environments on – and off – the planet. We have lasers on oil-rigs, in submarines, on wind turbines, and even in space. With 20 years of experience, we know they last.


  • Low phase-noise and long coherence length provides superior sensing distances
  • Accurate pinpointing of intrusion or threat to critical assets
  • Industrial reliability due to robust laser design
  • Designed for OEM integration