History of NKT Photonics

History of NKT Photonics


Nordiske Kabel og Traadfabriker (today NKT) was founded by Prior in 1891 and has been a listed company since 1898.

Over the next 90 years the company grew into one of Denmark’s foremost industrial enterprises, with focus on cable production (electricity, power and telecommunication cables), but also active in the production of nails, screws and other hardware for the Danish market.


NKT starts production of optical fibers in Denmark. In 1987 NKT and AT&T creates a joint venture under the name LYCOM. LYCOM later becomes part of Lucent Technologies, Lucent Technologies Denmark, the predecessor of OFS Fitel Denmark.


The first Koheras low-noise single-frequency fiber lasers were introduced into the market


NKT establishes several R&D companies. Among them are Crystal Fibre and Koheras (Ionas at the time) that would form the foundation of NKT Photonics.

NKT divests GiGA to Intel

The first commercial photonic crystal fibers were introduced into the market by Crystal Fibre


The first SuperK supercontinuum white light lasers were introduced into the market.


Crystal Fibre acquires UK start-up Blaze Photonics


Acquisition of LG Laser GmbH and later establishing NKT Photonics GmbH


Koheras merges with NKT Research


Crystal Fibre – the largest commercial supplier of microstructured specialty fiber and Koheras – the leading company within low noise lasers and SuperK supercontinuum white light lasers, merge and become NKT Photonics.

Establishing NKT Photonics Inc.


The first Koheras lasers are sent into space as part of ESA’s magnetic field mission, Swarm.


Establishing NKT Photonics China


German DTS specialists LIOS Technology becomes part of NKT Photonics

NKT Photonics acquires UK fiber laser manufacturer Fianium


NKT Photonics acquires Swiss ultrafast laser manufacturer Onefive and pulsed laser diode specialists Advanced Laser Diode Systems, ALS.


Opening of our US manufacturing site in Boston