NKT Photonics lights up ‘spooky’ quantum technology project

NKT Photonics has been selected to supply a substantial number Koheras low noise single frequency fiber lasers to the prestigious UK Quantum Technology Hub lead by Kai Bong’s group at University of Birmingham.

Selected for its very high frequency stability and low frequency and intensity noise, the Koheras lasers will play a vital role in the development toward quantum gravity sensors. These unique sensors that rely on the “spooky” quantum superposition effect can register minute changes in the gravity field, which can be used for detection of sinkholes, location of pipelines, archaeology etc.

With a total national investment of 270 m£ and participation of 17 universities and 132 companies, the project is one of the largest of its kind and the results are expected to yield important results in such diverse fields as quantum computing, climate change, GPS navigation and neurology.

More information about the project can be found on the following link: