NKT Photonics expands their hollow core fiber offering through a collaboration with the University of Bath

NKT Photonics A/S and University of Bath announce that they have reached an agreement enabling NKT Photonics A/S to expand its range of hollow core fibers. NKT Photonics will offer selected fibers produced by the University of Bath to the general marketplace, along with its existing hollow core and other microstructured fibers from its Crystal Fibre range.

“The hollow core fibers in the Crystal Fibre product line have always had a strong contribution from the University of Bath, dating back to when Crystal Fibre A/S acquired Blaze Photonics, and with it many of the fibers pioneered by Blaze Photonics and the University of Bath”, said Jakob Skov, CEO.

As a result of this agreement, NKT Photonics will offer a set of new hollow core fibers produced by the University of Bath, with a particular focus on fibers used in the visible wavelength range.

“We are pleased that we can continue to serve our customers with these leading edge fibers, and along with the help and expertise of the University of Bath, demonstrate our continued leadership and commitment in the area of hollow core fibers ”, said Skov.