Management Team

The agile nature of NKT Photonics requires a lean management team with a good understanding of the advanced markets we operate in as well as solid commercial experience. Our nine man team brings both, as well as a relentless drive to make a difference.

Basil Garabet

President and CEO

Basil holds an MSc in Lasers and Their Applications and has extensive international management experience from leading positions in the photonics industry. Previously with EM4, Altitun, and Melles Griot. Since 2013, Basil has been acting as a consultant specialising in revitalising companies towards profit and growth, including the successful turnaround and sale of JK Lasers on behalf of The GSI Group.

Carsten Thomsen

VP Business Development

Carsten Thomsen has more than 20 years of experience within ultrafast laser. He joined us in 2004 focusing on development of supercontinuum technology in collaboration with industrial partners and has extensive knowledge within strategic product- and business development. He holds a PhD degree in chemical physics from Aarhus University and a business degree from Copenhagen Business School.

Christian Vestergaard Poulsen


In 2001 Christian Vestergaard Poulsen joined NKT Photonics from IONAS, where he had focused on single frequency fiber laser and silica on silicon planar waveguides. Christian received his PhD degree from the Technical University of Denmark and has been a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton. He further holds a MBA degree focusing on Technology Companies from Copenhagen Business School.

Don Riddell


With us since 2017, Don comes to us from SPI Lasers, where he was the COO. He has extensive experience in laser manufacturing, automation and supply chain management and has previously worked for Agilent, Bookham and Marconi Optical Components. Don holds a Master’s Degree in Opto-electronics from the University of Strathclyde.

Kim Per Hansen

Marketing Director

Kim Hansen has been with the company since 2001. First as project and product manager in Crystal Fibre and since 2011 with the responsibility for global marketing and corporate communication. He has an engineering background in physics and telecommunication with a PhD from the Technical University of Denmark and comes from positions within the sensing and telecommunication industry.

Lasse Snejbjerg


Lasse Snejbjerg joined NKT Photonics as CFO in January 2017 from a position as VP of Group Development & External Relations at NKT Holding.  He holds a Master’s Degree in Finance from Aarhus School of Business and has experience from Novozymes, Boston Consulting Group and Coloplast.

Michael Stanley

VP Sales & Marketing

Michael Stanley joined NKT Photonics in 2011. Previously taking up top managerial positions in companies active in the Oil & Gas, Chemical and Health Care sector. Michael has extensive international experience working with partners in e.g. the US, Japan, Asia, Africa and Europe. Michael has a M.Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering, a Ph.D. degree in physics, and an MBA from Copenhagen Business School.

Nicola Davies

VP Human Resource

Nicola Davies is a qualified HR Practitioner with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK. She has extensive experience of managing multi-site, multi-cultural workforces and has worked in the Photonics industry for 20 years. Previously with GSI Group where she was responsible for leading HR in EMEA.

Thomas Oldemeyer

Senior VP of Aerospace & Defense

Thomas Oldemeyer has been with NKT Photonics since 2006, where he started as CEO of LIOS Technology. Before this, Thomas was working as Sales Director for NSK. Thomas holds an MBA in Marketing and International Business from the University of Paderborn. Since October 2017, Thomas is responsible for developing the Aerospace & Defense Market for NKT Photonics.