ORIGAMI IRO – femtosecond optical parametric amplifier system

ORIGAMI IRO is a widely tunable (210 nm to 11 µm), cost-effective femtosecond laser and optical parametric amplifier system with multi-µJ output.

Get industry-leading beam pointing stability in a compact air-cooled system that is fully automated and environmentally stable.

Key Features

210 nm to 11 µm output (UV, VIS, MIR)

8 µJ to 70 µJ energy options

Fully air-cooled system

Industry-leading beam pointing stability

Automated and computer-controlled

Stable operation with sealed inner case

Pump lasers

Pump laser ORIGAMI 10XP-S
Pump laser ORIGAMI 10XP-S
Average power 5 W
Pulse energy 70 µJ

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We use ORIGAMI IRO femtosecond optical parametric amplifier to study soft matter micro lasers

Igor Musevic J. Stefan Institute and University of Ljubljana

Stable, reliable, and alignment-free

The ORIGAMI IRO is air-cooled and constructed with a sealed monolithic case design. Couple it with the industry-leading pointing stability of the ORIGAMI pump laser to get long-term stability and maintenance-free operation.

The integrated 24/7 performance monitoring of both the laser system and ORIGAMI IRO ensures you are always on top of the status of your system


No need for external beam routing or separation: The integrated tuning and automatic wavelength separation of the IRO maintain the same beam position and pointing direction for all wavelengths makes automating experiments simple.

Onboard laser diagnostics and data logging ensure optimal performance and easy troubleshooting. The integrated PC simplifies control in your lab. Use the TCP/IP remote control with the standardized command set for easy programming

Ideal for spectroscopy and material characterization

The ORIGAMI IRO is designed for a diverse range of applications such as optical material & device characterization, femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy and photoluminescence (TR3, TRPES, TRPL), photoelectron-photoion coincidence spectrometry (PEPICO), coherent anti-stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS), two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy (2D-IR), terahertz emission studies, and nonlinear microscopy.


Choose model:
Conversion efficiency @ peak
12 %, signal + idler
Time bandwidth product
< 1
Pulse width
< 250 fs
Output bandwidth 700-1000 nm, typ.
60 – 90 cm-1
Output bandwidth 1100-2500 nm, typ.
35 – 80 cm-1
Polarization 210-2600 nm
Polarization IR extension
Vertical, separate
Performance monitor
Integrated 24/7 monitoring and data logging of both pump laser and OPA conditions
Wavelength calibration
Factory calibrated: ± 2 at 650 – 950 nm
Beam routing and separation
Integrated, fully automated (excluding MIR extension, filter change required)
Chart by Visualizer
Mechanical design
Monolithic OPA and UV/VIS option, IR Option separate, laser separate
OPA dimensions
677 x 162.3 x 447 mm
Laser dimensions
508 x 176 x 292 mm
OPA & laser cooling
Operation temperature
+15 to 25oC
Storage temperature
+5 to +50oC
Operation humidity,
0-60% RH
Storage humidity, non-condensing
0-80% RH

Pump dimensions – ORIGAMI XP

OPA dimensions – ORIGAMI IRO

Software, PC, and automation
Included (embedded PC)
Remote control
Possible via TCP/IP (SCPI command set), Windows Remote Desktop
Operation voltage
100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption
<100 W