Chamonix - Mont Blanc Tunnel Entrance

Fire detection in the Mont Blanc Tunnel

The Mont Blanc tunnel is a road tunnel in the Alps connecting Chamonix of France and Courmayeur of Italy, beneath the Mont Blanc massif. At 11.6 km, the tunnel was the longest road tunnel in the world at the time of its completion in 1965. Read more

Mala Kapela tunnel entrance

Tehnomobil Tunnel Safety in Croatia

Tunnels are sensitive traffic bottlenecks and consequently extraordinary vulnerable in case of accidents or fire blasts. With life-threatening dangers and enormous economic consequences, these tunnels are obvious subjects for technical solutions of prevention and limitation of damage. Read more

Offshore rig

Downhole Monitoring of Offshore Water Injector Well

In this project, we worked to significantly reduce the cost for the fiber optic deployment on offshore platforms. This is to demonstrate the economic added value of downhole monitoring even for low-cost wells respectively low volume producing wells. Read more

Floating roof tank

Seal protection of Floating Roof Tanks

Floating roof tanks are used for the storage of liquid eductors and products containing hydrocarbons, originating from petroleum refining and/or petroleum distillation. The essential feature of this type of storage tank is the pontoon roofs which "float" on the stored product and hence also at a low filling level guarantee a storage space with the lowest gas volume. Read more

Induction furnace

Optical coil protection of two induction furnaces at Affilips N.V., Tienen, Belgium

LIOS DTS technology is being used for the OCP system to protect the integrity of the refractory lining of two 2.5-tonne vacuum-type coreless induction furnaces used for melting copper pre-alloys. These particular furnaces are operated in three-shifts to produce copper-iron pre-alloys. Such alloys pose exacting demands on the crucible material due to their aggressive chemical characteristics and fluidity. The tapping temperature is in the region of 1500 °C. Read more