Transmission, Temperature Monitoring & Real Time Thermal Rating

On-line Distributed Temperature Sensing and Real Time Thermal Rating for permanent monitoring are key to develop SMART grids and to get maximum power output from important land/submarine transmission links. With DTS & RTTR, Transmission System Operators and utilities can ensure effective, efficient, safe and sustainable supply of T&D energy as well as information in all communities today and in the future. Active and real-time transmission network management is now possible and TSO’s/utilities can safely run the network close to its overload state.

In times where power utilities face growing demand for energy – forcing operators to stress the power cables to the physical limit – safety and efficiency becomes more and more important. Undoubtedly, knowledge in real time of cable temperature and thermal behavior of the cable installation is key to control safety and efficiency. Regardless of cable design, operational limits, or installation practice, unforeseeable adverse thermal conditions can and do cause system capacity degradations and service interruptions – especially with fatigue.

Temperature monitoring can not only be used to optimize how resources are utilized and dispersed over time, but also provide long term reliability and thereby save valuable maintenance time.

LIOS EN.SURE: An economic and precise solution for temperature monitoring of power facilities 

The LIOS EN.SURE monitoring system offers the user superior hotspot detection along the entire cable before failure – even at the most remote distances up to 70 km.  With high spatial resolution, multiple alert parameters, and visualization, monitoring becomes easy and convenient – we can even offer mobile cell phone software for even better flexibility and constant surveillance.

NKT Photonics does not only supply a system, but treats every order as a project that requires a full solution. We supply everything from design engineering to installation and service – even the tender process you can leave safely with us.

The LIOS EN.SURE solution can link to SCADA/EMS and the RTTR software enables dynamic optimization of the power load and ensures reliable supplies of electricity.