Prevent and detect conveyor belt fires – a webinar

In this 24-minute webinar, you will learn about how Fiber-Optic Linear Heat Detection (FO-LHD) systems work and how they can prevent fires in conveyor belts especially in hazardous environments. The webinar is based on our LIOS DE.TECT Linear Heat Detection system

Conveyor belts operating in dusty and harsh environments, run the risk of overheating bearings that can lead to catastrophic fires – especially when transporting flammable material like coal.

Business Segment Manager for FO-LHD, Felix Heck, takes you through the following:

  • Protection in Explosion Hazardous Areas
  • How does FO-LHD work
  • How to protect conveyor belts
  • ATEX and IECEx approvals for hazardous environments
  • User-friendly graphical display of temperature information

Conveyor belt protection

Materials that fall onto the belt during loading and unloading can cause damages to the mechanical structures. Damages can lead to friction and heating. Heating can cause fires, and the conveyor can catch fire and end up transporting burning material to other parts of the premises.

You can install FO-LHD directly on the idlers to measure individual temperatures. With FO-LHD you get predictive maintenance: You get early warnings and can react before the situation gets critical. FO-LHD can also protect other parts of the installation, such as cable trays, motors, and other machines.

The operator gets early warnings prior to fire alarms and temperature data in a user-friendly graphical display which makes it easy to react immediately in case of overheating to prevent any further damage.

Install in harsh and hazardous environments

Conveyors are often used in harsh and hazardous environments. Our DE.TECT FO-LHD system protects conveyors in normal environments (non-EX) as well as in explosion hazardous zones (EX).

You can install DE.TECT in dusty EX-zones, e.g., in harbors, mines, to transport (fossil) material to burning chambers, and in production of, e.g., tissue, wood pallets, and biomass.

We have all the ATEX and IECEx approvals needed for installation in all dust and gas EX-zones.

Across the globe

You can find our DE.TECT Linear Heat Detection systems across the globe, in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Where should we install yours?

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