LIOS Technology becomes NKT Photonics

LIOS Technology is changing name to NKT Photonics. We get a new logo, a new name and more muscles to service our customers. But not everything is new. You will meet the same great team that has served you in the past and we keep the quality products that has brought us to the front of the distributed sensing industry - all made in Germany of course.

Along with NKT Photonics, LIOS Technology has been a part of the NKT Group since 2000 and we thought it was time to team up with our colleagues in the lasers and fibers division, to reap the benefits of being a larger organization.

Practically, this means that we can share resources with our colleagues who build ultrafast lasers and supercontinuum sources and by doing so improve our customer service and bring even better products to the market, faster. This also means that we will expand our installation and commissioning services so that you can buy a full turn-key monitoring solution from us.

Regardless if you need industrial temperature monitoring of a reactor or have to secure the performance of a power cable, we can support you from planning all the way to installation and commissioning with tailor made visualization software. And when everything is running, NKT Photonics will make sure everything stays online with a service agreement.

Welcome to the new NKT Photonics!


Q: Are my existing LIOS products still supported?
A: Yes, no change. Your LIOS products are supported to the exact same extend as before the name change.

Q: Will the product names change?
A: No. The logos change, but you will recognize all the names and models.

Q: Does this mean you are now part of NKT Cable?
A: No. Just like before, we are part of the NKT Group, but have no direct connection to NKT Cable. We simply have a new name and more laser savvy colleagues.

Q: I have a contact at LIOS Technology I usually use for my questions, can I still get in touch with her/him?
A: Absolutely, there are no changes in our interface to our customers. Find your sales contact here.

Q: Can I still contact you on the old LIOS Technology email addresses?
A: Yes, all the old email addresses are functional and will continue to be.

Q: Will your physical address change?
A: No, you can still find our production in Cologne, Germany.

Q: Your invoices etc. still says LIOS Technology, why is that?
A: Changing the name takes a bit paperwork to migrate to all corners of our business, so the old name will still show up on different official documents from us for some time.

Got more questions? Get in touch with us, and we will be happy help!