Predict conductor temperature with Real-Time Temperature Rating

October 5, 2018

Real-Time Temperature Rating (RTTR) gives you visibility across large power supply networks. It enables you to monitor and control the conductor temperature to avoid thermal damage in power cables. The RTTR system itself is a piece of complex software, a mathematical model customized to your exact installation. It continuously computes the conductor temperature, based on current load,…

Do you know the Depth of Burial of your submarine cables?

September 13, 2018

It is important to continuously monitor the Depth of Burial as it varies over time.

LIOS steam monitoring project award finalist

March 8, 2018

Steam distribution is of vital importance for the city of Indianapolis. Through the utilization of…

NKT Photonics wins the 2018 Prism Award

February 1, 2018

NKT Photonics has won the prestigious 2018 Prism Award in the category Detectors and Sensors.…