Koheras laser reliability

Our most popular Koheras single-frequency laser, the BASIK MIKRO OEM laser module, has a typical lifetime of more than 10 years and a return rate of less than 1%.

We have manufactured our Koheras single-frequency fiber lasers since 1998. Since then, we have shipped more than 15.000 lasers to customers that would benefit from the narrow linewidth, high-frequency stability, and low-noise laser operation.

Inherently stable with telecom components

The Koheras lasers are all-fiber distributed feedback (DFB) lasers that have a compact and robust design that enables inherent single-frequency laser operation. They are extremely stable, have low-noise performance and manufacturing scalability.

We use field-proven Telcordia-qualified optical components, originally designed for the telecommunication industry to give you a robust, reliable, maintenance-free, and service-free laser.

Install and forget

Our OEM customers trust our BASIK MIKRO lasers to perform. They expect – and get – a high uptime, thanks to the fundamentally robust and reliable laser design.

Over the years, they have installed our lasers in the harshest environments – on oil-rigs, submarines, wind turbines, and even in space. Where will you install yours?

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