At NKT Photonics we focus on solutions and we are technologically agnostic. However, most of our solutions are based on advanced fiber technology, the crown jewel of which is our unique photonic crystal fiber capabilities – a technology that we helped pioneer almost two decades ago.

Photonic crystal fibers form the basis of all our supercontinuum activities as well as our high power ultrafast lasers, where the fibers allows us to amplify single-mode light to unprecedented levels in fiber monolithic systems.

Our low noise Koheras lasers are all based on DFB fiber laser architectures. A principle we have been fine tuning to perfection since the late 90ies so that we today are proud to offer the best industrial single-frequency lasers on the market.

The latest member of our technology family is where all our capabilities come together. Our high resolution optical coherence tomography solution draw on our extensive experience in supercontinuum, fiber integration and system integration.