SuperK SPLIT spectral splitter

The SuperK SPLIT is a passive filter which allows the SuperK spectrum to be divided into two spectral outputs. This is important in applications where light from one sub-area of the spectrum is desired and light outside this spectrum is parasitic.

The SPLIT comes in two standard configurations: VIS/IR and nIR/IR. Other wavelength splits are available on request.

Output options
As standard, the SuperK SPLIT provides collimated, free-space output. The SPLIT can be fitted with our CONNECT fiber delivery; a high-performance fiber delivery system complete with broadband fibers and a range of termination options such as FC/PC connectors or collimators.

Mounting options
The SPLIT can be mounted with the External Filter Holder add-on that fits on all our filtering accessories before the fiber coupling. It enables you to add any standard 1-inch filter in the beam path.


  • Separation of VIS from NIR
  • Industrially proven fiber coupling
  • Various fiber interfaces
  • Plug & play compatible
  • Modular and integrable into the SuperK source

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Wavelength split

SuperK SPILT typical performance of VIS spilt SuperK SPILT typical performance of nIR spiltAs standard, the SuperK SPLIT has two outputs: Visible and nIR. However, the choice of the “split” in the spectrum can be user-defined to be anywhere in the SuperK spectrum.

Additionally, the SPLIT can be fitted with extra filters in the two beam paths - either from the factory, or by equipping it with our external filter mount for further flexibility.

Single mode fiber delivery

The SuperK SPLIT is compatible with our SuperK CONNECT high performance fiber delivery system that comes complete with broadband fibers and a range of termination options such as FC/PC connectors or high quality collimators.

Interfacing is handled by the CONNECT fiber coupling block that ensure easy and stable single-mode coupling that can be disconnected and reconnected without alignment.

SuperK CONNECT fiber delivery system


Wavelength Splitting Range VIS/IR: 400-830 nm/915-2400 nm
nIR/IR: 400-1120 nm/1180-2400 nm
Output mode options Free-space collimated
SuperK CONNECT fiber delivery
External Filter Holder
Mechanical Shutter Integrated for both Output Ports
Laser Safety Interlock Integrated and linked with SuperK Series


Weight ~4.5 kg
Dimensions (WxHxL) 170 x 67.6 x 198 mm


Operating temperature range 15-30 °C
Storage temperature range 5-50 °C (non condensing)
Humidity 20-80 % RH
SuperK_SPLIT_technical_drawing_01 SuperK_SPLIT_technical_drawing_02