SuperK SPLIT spectral supercontinuum splitter

The SuperK SPLIT is a passive filter which allows the SuperK spectrum to be divided into two spectral outputs. This is important in applications where light from one sub-area of the spectrum is desired and light outside this spectrum is parasitic.


  • Separation of VIS from NIR
  • Industrial proven fiber coupling
  • Various fiber interfaces
  • Plug & play compatible
  • Modular and integrable into the SuperK source

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Wavelength split

As standard, the SuperK SPLIT has two outputs: Visible and nIR. However, the choice of the “split” in the spectrum can be user-defined to be anywhere in the SuperK spectrum. Additionally, the SPLIT can be fitted with extra filters in the two beam paths - either from the factory, or by equipping it with our external filter mount for further flexibility.

Single mode fiber delivery

SuperK_CONNECTThe SuperK SPLIT is compatible with our SuperK CONNECT high performance fiber delivery system that comes complete with broadband fibers and a range of termination options such as FC/PC connectors or high quality collimators. Interfacing is handled by the CONNECT fiber coupling block that ensure easy and stable single-mode coupling that can be disconnected and reconnected without alignment.


Wavelength Splitting Range VIS/IR: 400-830nm/915-2400nm
nIR/IR: 600-1120nm/1180-2400nm
Output mode Free-space collimated or with SuperK CONNECT fiber delivery
Mechanical Shutter Integrated for both Output Ports
Laser Safety Interlock Integrated and linked with SuperK Series


Weight ~4.5 kg
Dimensions (LXBXH) 676x195x170 mm


Operating temperature range 15-30 °C
Storage temperature range 5-50 °C (non condensing)
Humidity 20-80 % RH
SuperK_SPLIT_technical_drawing_01 SuperK_SPLIT_technical_drawing_02