SuperK Parts

All the small parts that go with your SuperK laser such as adaptors, collimator holders, filter holders, spare keys...

Our SuperK lasers come with a range of included small parts and accessories. All parts are Plug and Play.

Download the datasheet to see them all.


Depending on the laser configuration and accessories, these parts are included. You can also buy them separately.

  • ­BUS defeater
  • BUS cable
  • BNC cable
  • Door interlock connector
  • Spare keys for SuperK EVO and COMPACT
  • Spare keys for EXTREME/FIANIUM
  • USB type A to type B cable



  • SuperK FIBER DELIVERY holder
  • SuperK 19″ rack mount
  • SuperK adaptor for lens tube and cage system
  • SuperK collimator holder
  • External filter holder
  • SuperK USB adaptor kit

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