Broadband sources for optical coherence tomography

The SuperK OCT sources are broadband low noise sources designed for optical coherence tomography. Paired with a broadband spectrometer, these sources gives the same performance as Ti:Sapphire-based OCT systems at much low cost, lower foot-print and with great mobility and robustness.

The SuperK EXTREME OCT series shares the same robust platform as our standard SuperK EXTREME systems and can be run 24/7 if needed. The sources can be used for OCT both in the visible wavelength range as well as in the 1300 nm region.


  • 400-2400 nm single mode outputNKT Photonics
  • Large bandwidth for micron resolution OCT systems
  • Low noise
  • Robust and maintenance free
  • Long lifetime of thousands of hours


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SuperK EXTREME OCT typical output

SuperK EXTREME OCT typical RIN

Low noise

The SuperK EXTREME OCT series is the supercontinuum laser on the market with the lowest noise. It is optimized for low noise performance to yield high contrast low noise images in OCT systems and in the performance matches that of large bulky Ti:Sapphire lasers.

Below are shown two OCT images of a human eye. The image on the right is recorded using a SuperK EXTREME OCT source, while the image on the left is obtained using a Ti:Sapphire laser. Both images are recorded by Angelika Unterhuber from Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Drexlers group at Medical University Vienna.



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