SuperK FIANIUM High Power Supercontinuum laser

The SuperK FIANIUM series is our no-compromise range of supercontinuum white light lasers. It offers the shortest cut-in wavelength, the most visible power, and the highest total power available. All this combined with exceptional lifetime and the highest of safety standards. Choose the SuperK FIANIUM for applications where power and flexibility are key.

SuperK FIANIUM provides a broadband single-mode output across the entire 410-2400 nm range. Operating in the MHz repetition rate range with picosecond pulses, it effectively enables both steady-state and lifetime measurements. The inherently robust all-fiber design provides unsurpassed performance combined with ease of use and maintenance-free operation.


  • 1.5 W visible power
  • 410-2400 nm single mode spectrum
  • On-the-Fly variable repetition rate
  • Plug’ n’ Play SuperK filter accessories
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • External power locking functionality

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Typical output spectrum

Spectral power density versus wavelength

Variable repetition rate (pulse picker)

The pulse picker option allows the repetition rate of the SuperK FIANIUM to be easily changed while the system is running at full output. The variable repetition rates gives the user ultimate choice for lifetime measurement applications.

  • ­ Ideal for FLIM, FRET, and diffuse optical tomography
  • 2-78 MHz on-the-fly variable repetition rate with 23 steps (> 1:10,000 Pulse Suppression ratio)
  • NIM standard trigger output (directly usable for FLIM)
  • Timing delay generator
Repetition rate reduction 78 – 2 MHz (23 steps3))
Pulse suppression ratio > 1:10,000
Changing repetition rate 1) < 1 s
Timing trigger output jitter < 20 ps
NIM trigger output (BNC) ~0 – >-0.8 V peak
Monitor trigger output (BNC) 0 – 1 V
Adjustable trigger delay timing 2) Up to 9.2 ns
Adjustable trigger delay resolution 2) 15 ps

1) The system does not need to be electrically shut down.
2) The electrical output trigger signal can be delayed up to 9.2 ns in steps of 15 ps. This enables trigger delay optimization without the need for a expensive delay box. Adjustable from front panel.
3) The steps are specified on

Warranty Extension

Extend the normal 24 month warranty with an extra 12 or 24 months


Repetition rate 78 MHz ± 0.5 MHz
Total visible power stability < ± 0.5 %
Polarization Unpolarized
Beam output Gaussian, single mode
M2 (>430 nm) < 1.1
Output options Collimated
Length of output fiber 1.5 m
Beam diameter ~1 mm at 530 nm
~2 mm at 1100 nm
~3 mm at 2000 nm
Beam divergence (half angle) < 3 mrad
Beam pointing accuracy* < 1 mrad
Beam pointing stability < 50 µrad
Typical single mode fiber coupling efficiency (>430 nm) >70 %

*Measured relative to the mechanical axis running through the center of the collimator


Computer interface USB 2.0
Operation voltage 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption <100 W (<120W with pulse picker)
Door interlock connector * 2-pin LEMO
External bus interface ** 16-pin sub-D
System cooling Air Cooled
Operation temperature +18o to +30oC
Storage temperature -10o to +55oC
Dimensions (WxHXL) 440x243x380 mm3
Weight 18 kg (19 kg with pulse picker)

*The SuperK Fianium is a Class 4 laser and is required to be connected to a door interlock/circuit
**External communication and power supply port for accessories

SuperK EXTREME mechanical drawing front view SuperK EXTREME mechanical drawing top view SuperK EXTREME mechanical drawing side view

Power Lock (external power locking)

The Power Lock option enables you to lock the power at any place in a setup. Simply place a photo detector at the desired location and connect the detector to the External Feedback BNC connector of the SuperK FIANIUM. Activate locking from the control panel and the system will now lock the power level at the position of the photo detector—automatically compensating for any drift or variation in external components up to 100 Hz.


  • Variable repetition rate
  • Custom MHz repetition rate on request
  • On-the-Fly variable repetition rate (pulse picker)
  • 12 and 24 months warranty extension packages
  • Under 1 MHz repetition rate on request (pulse picker)


Power Lock Specifications

Typical  power stability* < ± 0.5 %
Modulation input voltage 0 – 10 V
Current mode
Modulation bandwidth, 3dB 70 Hz (typ)
Rise- and falltime <5 ms (typ)
Power mode
Modulation bandwidth, 3dB 40 Hz (typ)
Rise- and falltime <10 ms (typ)
Feedback input voltage 0 – 4 V
Feedback bandwidth <100 Hz
Feedback sample rate 200 Hz

*Depending on setup and wavelength range