SuperK EXTREME supercontinuum lasers

The range of SuperK EXTREME supercontinuum white light lasers is broad as a lamp and bright as a laser. They deliver high brightness diffraction-limited light in the entire 410-2400 nm region. Add one of our computer-controlled filters to turn the SuperK into an ultra-tunable laser. Our lasers are maintenance-free and the full fiber monolithic architecture ensures excellent reliability and a lifetime of thousands of hours. 

The SuperK EXTREME series is based on NKT Photonics’ world-renowned Crystal Fibre technology that has reliably delivered supercontinuum to all fields for over 15 years.

Operation is simple and functions can be changed on-the-fly without powering down the system. The SuperK EXTREME series provides high power and an exceptional lifetime together with the highest safety standards.


  • 410-2400 nm single-mode output
  • Robust and maintenance-free
  • On-the-fly variable repetition rate
  • Plug & Play filter accessories
  • Flexible trigger out and power locking functions
  • Operation at the press of a button
  • External power locking functionality
  • NIM trigger output approved for FLIM
  • Software Development Kit (SDK)


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Spectral variants and power levels

SuperK EXTREME is the industry’s most efficient supercontinuum lasers with the highest visible to total power ratio. High efficiency means better reliability and less unwanted residual pump power at the output.

The SuperK EXTREME comes in five standard models.

Model Visible power*
Total power
FIU-15 1500 mW 5.5 W
EXR-20 2000 mW 6.0 W
EXR-9 OCT 900 mW 6.5 W
EXW-4 OCT 400 mW 6.5 W
EXU-6 OCT 600 mW 6.5 W

Should you require more power, our SuperK lasers can easily be upgraded to a higher power level.​​

​​Spectral power density for SuperK EXTREME

​​Spectral power density for SuperK EXTREME OCT

SuperK EXTREME OCT typical output

SuperK EXTREME OCT typical RIN


With a wavelength range from 400-2400 nm, the SuperK OCT lasers are broadband low-noise sources designed for optical coherence tomography. Use them for optical coherence tomography in the visible wavelength range as well as in the 1300 nm region. The ultra-broad output and low noise make SuperK supercontinuum lasers the ideal OCT source when micron-resolution is needed or when you need a special wavelength range.

Paired with a broadband spectrometer, these sources give the same performance as Ti:Sapphire-based OCT systems at much low cost, lower foot-print, and with great mobility and robustness.

Low noise ensures high-contrast images

The SuperK EXTREME OCT supercontinuum laser series has the lowest noise on the market. Optimized for low-noise performance, it gives high-contrast low-noise images in OCT systems. Its performance matches that of bulky Ti:Sapphire lasers.

Below are shown two OCT images of a human eye. The image on the right is recorded using a SuperK EXTREME OCT source, while the image on the left is obtained using a Ti:Sapphire laser. Both images are recorded by Angelika Unterhuber from Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Drexlers group at Medical University Vienna.


Power Lock (external power locking)

The Power Lock option enables you to lock the power at any place in a setup.

Simply place a photodetector at the desired location and connect the detector to the External Feedback BNC connector of the SuperK laser.

Activate locking from the control panel and the system will now lock the power level at the position of the photodetector—automatically compensating for any drift or variation in external components up to 100 Hz.

Power Lock Specifications

Typical power stability* < ± 0.5 %
Modulation input voltage 0 – 10 V
Current mode
Modulation bandwidth, 3dB 70 Hz (typ)
Rise and falltime < 5 ms (typ)
Power mode
Modulation bandwidth, 3dB 40 Hz (typ)
Rise- and falltime < 10 ms (typ)
Feedback input voltage 0 – 4 V
Feedback bandwidth < 100 Hz
Feedback sample rate 200 Hz

*Depending on setup and wavelength range

Other options

  • Variable repetition rate
  • Custom MHz repetition rate on request
  • On-the-Fly variable repetition rate (pulse picker)
  • Under 1 MHz repetition rate on request (pulse picker)

Repetition rate

On-the-fly variable repetition rate (pulse picker) or fixed repetition rate of 40 or 78 MHz (other repetition rates available upon request).

Warranty extension

If you wish, you can extend the standard 24-month warranty with an extra 12 or 24 months.


Cut-in wavelength < 410 nm < 470 nm < 600 nm < 500 nm < 400 nm
Visible power
(350-850 nm)
1500 mW 2000 mW > 900 mW > 400 mW > 600 mW
Total power 5.5 W 6.0 W 6.5 W 6.5 W 6.5 W
Repetition rate 78 ± 0.5 MHz 78 ± 0.5 MHz 312 ± 3 MHz 312 ± 3 MHz 312 ± 3 MHz
Power stability < ± 0.5 % < ± 0.5 % < ± 0.5 % < ± 0.5 % < ± 0.5 %
Polarization Random Random Random Random Random
Beam output Gaussian, single-mode Gaussian, single-mode Gaussian, single-mode Gaussian, single-mode Gaussian, single-mode
Beam quality 1) M2< 1.1 M2< 1.1 M2< 1.1 M2< 1.1 M2< 1.1
Collimated beam diameter ≈1 mm at 530 nm
≈2 mm at 1100 nm
≈3 mm at 2000 nm
Beam divergence, half-angle < 5 mrad < 5 mrad < 5 mrad < 5 mrad < 5 mrad
Beam pointing accuracy 2) < 1 mrad < 1 mrad < 1 mrad < 1 mrad < 1 mrad
Beam pointing stability < 50 µrad 50 µrad 50 µrad 50 µrad 50 µrad
Typical single-mode fiber coupling efficiency2) >70 % >70 % >70 % >70 % >70 %

Mechanical / Electrical

Model FIU-15 / EXR-20 EXR-9 OCT / EXW-4 OCT / EXU-6 OCT
Output fiber length 1.5 m 1.5 m
Computer interface USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Operation voltage 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption <100 W (<120 W with pulse picker) <100 W
Door interlock connector 3) 2-pin LEMO 2-pin LEMO
External bus interface 4) 15-pin sub-D 15-pin sub-D
System cooling Air-cooled Air-cooled
Operation temperature 18 to 30oC 18 to 30oC
Storage temperature -10 to 55oC -10 to 55oC
Humidity 20-80 % RH 20-80 % RH
Dimensions (WxHxL) 443 x 252.3 x 376.8 mm 443 x 252.3 x 376.8 mm
Weight 18 kg (19 kg with pulse picker) 18 kg

1) Measured relative to the mechanical axis running through the center of the collimator.
2) FUI-15 >450 nm.
3) The SuperK EXTREME is a Class 4 laser and is required to be connected to a door interlock/circuit.
4) External communication and power supply port for accessories.


User interface

Software NKT Photonics CONTROL
Software integration Software Development Kit

Ready-to-use with fail-safe operation

The SuperK EXTREMEseries is easy to use and provides supercontinuum light at a press of a button! The emission button also lets you switch the light on and off immediately, without the need to reduce the optical power or wait for the system to warm up or cool down.

In standby mode, the laser remembers the latest power or current setting and returns to the same level when the emission is re-activated.

The jog wheel system makes it easy to operate the laser. Functions such as constant power/current mode, repetition rate control, and laser status can be chosen effortlessly. The Constant Power Mode function allows linear variation – from 0-100% – of the VIS output power.

Modular architecture for flexibility and easy upgrading

The SuperK EXTREME series has a truly modular design, allowing easy on-site support or upgrades.

Due to the unique modularity, upgrading a SuperK laser has never been easier. Unsure of how much power you need? Not a problem. Start with a low-power model and upgrade with high-power modules when you need them. Easy and cost-effective.

The on-board electronics record all operational aspects of each module, enabling you to download a full operational history for monitoring or servicing requirements.

Reliability and long lifetime

The core of the SuperK EXTREME series is based on the world-renowned Crystal Fibre Photonic (PCF) technology, which has been deployed in commercial and academic markets for over a decade. 

NKT Photonics is the largest manufacturer of PCF technology and reliability, quality, and performance are ensured through DIN ISO 9000 certified processes.

Continuous testing of multiple systems during and after the development phase of the SuperK EXTREME series has ensured the longest continuous running lifetime in the market.

The SuperK EXTREME series is a real alternative to traditional laser sources in OEM or industrial applications, where reliability and cost of ownership are key factors when choosing the most appropriate light source technology.

High beam quality


The SuperK EXTREME series provides the perfect solution for applications in need of high-performance beam output. Diffraction limited output from a proprietary collimator design ensures a superb single-mode, broadband collimation at high power.

The deployment of the SuperK EXTREME series in Leica’s SP8 X confocal microscope lets its users perform high-resolution diffraction-limited microscopy due to the superior beam quality.

High pointing-accuracy and broadband beam collimation ensure filtering and beam steering operations are made precisely. Finally, the excellent single-mode Gaussian beam quality ensures the coupling of light back into the single-mode fiber at efficiencies of over 70%.

Connectivity and plug & play accessories


The SuperK EXTREME series has a range of functions allowing the user to monitor and expand the functions of the source. Standard output triggering and synchronization functions, such as NIM, are provided for downstream control of the equipment.

Pulse timing signals are available for monitoring the status of the SuperK EXTREME series under a variable repetition rate. More importantly, the series is equipped with a digital communication bus interface for intelligent communication with the SuperK accessory suite.

No need for complicated driver downloads, just plug in the accessory and let the SuperK EXTREME do the rest!

All NKT Photonics products are produced under our quality management system certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Force_ISO_logo Laser_warning_class_4