SuperK EXTEND-UV supercontinuum extension unit

The SuperK EXTEND-UV is a deep-UV supercontinuum spectral extension unit for our SuperK EXTREME and COMPACT supercontinuum lasers. Get tunable UV light from a robust fiber laser source with 270-480 nm range and 2-80 µW output power.

Excite intrinsic fluorescence from e.g. proteins or take advantage of UV excitable probes like Laurdan, DAPI, and AMCA.

Tunability and short pulses

The collimated output enables tight focusing and the short pulses, down to 20 ps, make it ideal for studying ultrafast photochemical processes.

Robustness and reliability

The SuperK EXTEND-UV is a paradigm shift in UV light sources. Like large solid-state lasers, it provides tunability and short pulses but at a fraction of the cost and with the robustness and reliability of fiber lasers.

The EXTEND-UV is alignment-free – simply click in the SuperK collimator and turn on the system. The output wavelength is easily controlled from our CONTROL software our through our SDK.

Superior wavelength coverage and beam quality

Compared to UV LEDs, the supercontinuum-powered EXTEND-UV provides superior wavelength coverage, beam quality, tunability and pulses that are an order of magnitude shorter.

Source-dependent performance and output

The performance and output characteristics of the system depend on the Supercontinuum source used. We recommend the SuperK EXTREME EXW-12 or the EXR-15/EXR-20 for maximum output.



  • Pulsed, deep UV output
  • Tunable in the 265-345 nm and 350-480 nm range
  • Short pulses – down to 20 ps
  • 1-12 nm bandwidth
  • Polarized UV and visible output
  • VIS and IR broadband output ports
  • Robust and compact industrial design
  • Maintenance-free 24/7 operation
  • Powered by the SuperK EXTREME
  • Simple and intuitive user interface, NKT Photonics CONTROL, via SuperK EXTREME


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The SuperK EXTEND-UV is available in two different models; DUV and UV. The performance and output characteristics of the system depends on the Supercontinuum source used. We recommend the SuperK EXTREME EXW-12 or the EXR-15/EXR-20 for maximum average power or the SuperK COMPACT for a very cost effective high pulse energy system.

Model Wavelength range Typ power with EXW-12 Typ power with EXR-20
DUV 265-345 nm 2-10 µW 3-30 µW
UV 350-480 nm 18-80 µW 70-170 µW


Tuning range:

DUV model
UV model

265-345 nm
350-480 nm
Output interface Near-collimated free-space
VIS pass-through range*:

DUV model
UV model

400-800 nm
450-950 nm
IR pass-through range:

DUV model
UV model

900-2400 nm
1150-2400 nm
Compatible systems SuperK EXTREME EXW-12, EXR-15 and EXR-20

* Short wavelength edge defined by the cut-in wavelength of the used SuperK EXTREME system


Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions (WxHxL) 287,0 x 67,6 x 211,5 mm
Interlock Yes
External bus connector 15-pin sub-D


Operating temperature range 15-30 °C
Storage temperature range 5-50 °C (non condensing)
Humidity 20-80 % RH
SuperK_EXTEND-UV_technical_drawing_01 SuperK_EXTEND-UV_technical_drawing_02