SuperK EVO OEM industrial supercontinuum laser

Optimized for reliability, footprint, and cost, the new SuperK EVO supercontinuum fiber laser range is designed for OEM integration in demanding commercial applications.

The EVO can be configured with output power levels anywhere from 100 mW up to 10 W with MHz repetition rate. The output spectrum covers 400-2400 nm and comes fiber delivered through a broadband collimator.

With a maintenance-free lifetime of thousands of hours, the SuperK EVO is ready for 24/7 applications and the small footprint of 200X325 mm / 7.9X12.8” is optimized for OEM integration. The entire bottom of the lasers acts as cooling interface, allowing for flexible cooling solutions with both air and water, depending on the application and space constraints.


  • Versatile cost-efficient supercontinuum platform
  • Robust and compact industrial design
  • Flexible cooling solutions (air or water)
  • Reliable and maintenance-free

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Typical output spectrums


Extend the normal 24 month warranty with an extra 12 or 24 months


Repetition rate (Fixed) 20-320 MHz
Spectral coverage 400 - 2400 nm
Total output power 100 mW to 10 W
Total power stability ± 1.0 %
Polarization Unpolarized
Beam output Gaussian, single mode
Typical M² < 1.1
Optical output Collimated or divagated
Length of output fiber 1.5 m

User Interface/operations system

Software NKT Photonics CONTROL
Software integration Software Development Kit


Computer interface USB 2.0/RS-232/Ethernet
Sync (trigger) output NIM
Operation voltage 24 V DC
Power consumption Max. 120 W*
Door interlock connector 2-pin LEMO
External bus interface 15 D-Sub Female

*Power consumption is depending on the total output power


System cooling Air* Water** Passive***
 Dimensions (WxHxL) 200x166,5x325 200x93x346 200x80x325
Weight 12 kg 8 kg 6 kg
Operation/cooling temperature 15 to 30°C 15 to 35°C 15 to 35°C
Storage temperature   -10° to +60°C

* Internal fan at a minimum airflow is 80 m3/hour, air flow is needed
** Water interface: 1/4" BSPT valve coupling
*** Heat radiation from the base plate (bottom of the laser)