SuperK EVO industrial supercontinuum lasers

The SuperK EVO supercontinuum white light lasers are cost-efficient lasers based on our extremely reliable fiber laser technology. The lasers deliver high brightness light in the entire 400-2400 nm range covering both the VIS and nIR range. They are stable, reliable, maintenance-free, and ensure a low cost of ownership - perfect for OEM integration in demanding commercial applications where they replace lamps, LEDs, ASE sources and single-line lasers.

SuperK EVO industrial supercontinuum white light laser


Broad as a lamp, bright as a laser

Typical brightness of different lamps compared to SuperK EVOThe SuperK EVO lasers deliver high brightness white light in the entire 400-2400 nm range. The light is fiber delivered with pristine beam quality ready to use as-is, or for further filtering and beam shaping to fit your application.

While the output spectrum of the SuperK EVO is similar to that of a lamp, the brightness is many orders of magnitude higher. Combined with a standard repetition rate up to 78 MHz and output power of up to 2 W, the SuperK EVO line is optimized for speed and throughput. Use it for optical device characterization, sorting, test & measurement, or for bio-imaging applications such as Fluorescence-Lifetime Imaging Microscopy.

All EVO models have output triggers that ensure your equipment is in perfect sync and ready to work when you are.

Install and forget for thousands of hours

Our renowned Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF) technology is the heart of the SuperK EVO. This solid-state, all-fiber architecture ensures a reliable 24/7 operation and a maintenance-free lifetime of thousands of hours. Continuous testing of multiple systems has ensured the longest lifetime in the market. Intended for industrial use, the EVO is easy to mount and handle due to its rugged and compact design. Reliability, quality, and performance are ensured through the DIN ISO 9000 certified processes.

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The SuperK EVO is great for replacing lamps in industrial applications.
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EVO line overview

The SuperK EVO line comes in two major varieties: The EVO and the EVO HP. The EVO HP is the high power model with the broadest spectral range and the highest spectral power density. The EVO is passively cooled, and for the HP model, you can choose between air or water cooling.

SuperK EVO models

Spectral coverage Total power Total VIS power (350-850 nm) Cooling
EVO ERL-04 500-2000 nm ≈ 1 W > 40 mW Passive
EVO EUL-10 405-2400 nm ≈ 0.3 W > 60 mW Passive

SuperK EVO HP models

Spectral coverage Total power Total VIS power (350-850 nm) Cooling
EVO HP EU-4 410-2400 nm ≈ 2 W > 400 mW Air or water

Spectral power density

SuperK EVO spectral power density

Flexible laser control

When using the SuperK EVO in a lab, you can use our user-friendly NKT Photonics CONTROL software to control all aspects of the laser. If you need to integrate the laser in equipment or just want direct communication, we offer a free software development kit to ensure fast and easy integration.

Filtering and integration

As standard, the SuperK EVO line is equipped with a broadband fiber collimator making it easy to integrate to other optical components. You can use the light as is, or equip the laser with one of our tunable filter solutions such as a tunable high-contrast filter, a tunable single-line filter, or a tunable multi-line filter. We can also supply a spectral supercontinuum splitter if you only need part of the spectrum for your application. If your application requires a different output format (say a line generator or uniform illumination), or if you need assistance integrating the laser with other components in your setup, get in touch with us. Our integration team is ready to help you select the right components, or we can assist in designing the optical system needed for your application. Custom filter and output solutions are also avilable for OEM customers.

Warranty extension

If you wish, you can extend the standard 24-month warranty with an extra 12 or 24 months.


Repetition rate 20 MHz 30 MHz 20 MHz
Spectral coverage 500-2000 nm 405-2400 nm 410-2400 nm
Total power ≈ 1 W ≈ 0.3 W ≈ 2 W
Total visible power (350-850 nm) > 40 mW > 60 mW > 400 mW
Total power stability, RMS ± 1 % ± 1 % ± 1 %
Cut-in wavelength 1) 500 nm 425 nm 410 nm
Polarization Random Random Random
Beam quality, TEM00  M2 < 1.1 M2 < 1.1 M2 < 1.1
Mode field diameter, FC/APC ≈ 3 µm N.A. N.A.
Beam diameter (collimated version) ≈ 1 mm @ 532 nm ≈ 2 mm @ 1100 nm ≈ 3 mm @ 2000 nm ≈ 1 mm @ 532 nm ≈ 2 mm @ 1100 nm ≈ 3 mm @ 2000 nm ≈ 1 mm @ 532 nm ≈ 2 mm @ 1100 nm ≈ 3 mm @ 2000 nm
Laser output Gaussian, single-mode Gaussian, single-mode Gaussian, single-mode
Fiber output Collimated (FC/APC on request) Collimated Collimated

1) Spectral power density > 0.1 mW/nm


Output fiber length 1.5 m 1.5 m 1.5 m
Computer interface USB 2.0/RS-232/Ethernet USB 2.0/RS-232/Ethernet USB 2.0/RS-232/Ethernet
Sync (trigger) output NIM NIM NIM
Power supply requirements 24 V DC 24 V DC 24 V DC
Power consumption 1) < 30 W < 30 W < 60 W
Door interlock connector 2) 2-pin LEMO 2-pin LEMO 2-pin LEMO
External bus interface 15 D-Sub 15 D-Sub 15 D-sub
Operation temperature 18 – 35 °C 18 – 35 °C 18 – 30 °C
Storage temperature -10 – 60 °C -10 – 60 °C -10 – 55 °C
System cooling Passive 3) Passive 3) Air 4) or water
Dimensions (WxHxL) 200 mm x 93 mm x 325 mm 200 mm x 90 mm x 325 mm 200 mm x 93 mm x 325 mm - water-cooled 200 mm x 166.5 mm x 325 mm - air-cooled
Weight 6 kg 6 kg 12 kg

1) Power consumption depends on the total output power.
2) SuperK EVO is a class 4 laser and required to be connected to a door interlock/circuit.
3) Heat radiation from the base plate.
4) Internal fan at a minimum airflow of 80 m3/hour is needed.


SuperK EVO

SuperK EVO HP - water-cooled

SuperK EVO HP - air-cooled

User Interfaces

Software NKT Photonics CONTROL
Software integration Software Development Kit