SuperK COMPACT supercontinuum lasers

The SuperK COMPACT is a cost-effective supercontinuum white light source delivering diffraction-limited light in the entire 450-2400 nm region with a brightness several orders of magnitude larger than that of incandescent lamps and with far greater bandwidth than ASE sources or SLEDs. The light is delivered in a single-mode fiber terminated with either a standard FC/PC connector or our high-quality collimator.

SuperK COMPACT supercontinuum white light laserThe SuperK COMPACT can be found in laboratories around the world where it is the daily driver for many users within applications like component characterization, test & measurement, spectroscopy, and OCT or simply as a general-purpose laboratory white light source.

The SuperK COMPACT can be triggered externally and synced with low jitter up to 20 kHz. The trigger signal can be provided to a standard coax input or to the industrial trigger input that is galvanically isolated.

FeaturesPower density versus wavelength

Combine the COMPACT with a computer-controlled filter from our supercontinuum filter range and turn the white light source into an ultra-broadband tunable laser, and control it all through the NKT Photonics CONTROL software.

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The SuperK COMPACT can be configured with three types of output termination:Collimator

  • FC/APC
  • Broadband collimator

The collimated version is compatible with our filtering accessories such as the VARIA and SELECT.


Optical Spectral Range 450-2400 nm
Total output power > 110 mW
Total VIS power (450-850 nm) > 20 mW
Output power stability (1 hour) <± 1.0 % (± 0.5 % on request)
Typical warm-up time (power stability) ~30 min (room temperature)
Repetition rate Variable 1 Hz to minimum 20 kHz
Output pulse width < 2 ns
Pulse-pulse jitter (Std. Dev.) < 2 µs (rep rate dependent)
Output fiber Single mode
Output termination Collimator or FC/APC connector
Beam diameter (collimated) ~1mm at 530 nm
~2mm at 1100 nm
~3mm at 2000 nm
M2 ≤ 1.1
Polarization Unpolarized
Beam output Gaussian, single mode


Operation Voltage 100-240 V; 50-60 Hz
Power consumption < 40 W
Computer inteface USB
Pulse signal output Analog and digital
Trigger input Standard and industrial (galvanically isolated)
Interlock connector 2-pin LEMO 0B
External bus connector 15-pin sub-D
System cooling Air cooled
Dimensions (H x W x D) 93 x 221 x 332 mm
Weight 3.8 kg


Operating temperature range 15-30 °C
Storage temperature range 5-50 °C (non-condensing)
Humidity 20-80 % RH
SuperK COMPACT mechanical drawing side view SuperK COMPACT mechanical drawing front view

Reliability and long lifetime

The core of the SuperK systems is based on the world-renowned Crystal Fibre Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF) technology, which has been deployed in commercial and academic markets for over a decade.  NKT Photonics is the largest manufacturer of PCF technology and reliability, quality, and performance are ensured through DIN ISO 9000 certified processes.

Continuous testing of multiple systems during and after the development phase of the SuperK systems has ensured the longest continuous running lifetime in the market.

All NKT Photonics products are produced under our quality management system certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Force_ISO_logo Laser warning label