ORIGAMI IRO femtosecond optical parametric amplifier system

ORIGAMI IRO is a widely tunable, cost-effective femtosecond laser and optical parametric amplifier system. Get the industry-leading beam pointing stability and compactness of the air-cooled ORIGAMI XP and the ORIGAMI IRO's fully automated, environmentally stable OPA technology.

Cost-efficient femtosecond laser and OPA

The ORIGAMI IRO is an advanced Optical Parametric Amplifier (OPA) capable of providing widely tunable, multi-µJ fs pulses ranging from as short as 210 nm up to 11 µm.

Ideal for pump-probe spectroscopy and material characterization

The ORIGAMI IRO is designed for a diverse range of applications including optical material & device characterization, femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy and photoluminescence (TR3, TRPES, TRPL), photoelectron-photoion coincidence spectrometry (PEPICO), coherent anti-stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS), two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy (2D-IR), terahertz emission studies, and nonlinear microscopy.

Stable and reliable

The OPA is air-cooled and constructed with a sealed and monolithic case design and when coupled with industry-leading pointing stability of the ORIGAMI pump laser, allows for long-term stability and maintenance-free operation is possible.

Fully-automated and alignment-free

The ORIGAMI IRO covers a wide wavelength range spanning as wide as 210nm to 11 µm, while the integrated tuning makes automating experiments simple.

User-friendly by software and hardware design

No need for external beam routing or separation: the integrated tuning and automatic wavelength separation of the ORIGAMI IRO maintain the same beam position and pointing direction for all wavelengths.

Built-in monitoring and PC control

Onboard laser diagnostics and data logging ensures optimal performance and easy troubleshooting. Integrated PC simplifies control in your lab.


  • 8 µJ to 75 µJ pump energy options
  • Fully air-cooled laser and OPA
  • Available tunability from 210 nm to 11 µm (UV, VIS, IR)
  • Single-shot to 600 kHz rep rate
  • Completely automated and fully computer-controlled
  • Long-life and stable operation with sealed inner case to protect sensitive components
  • TCP/IP remote control with standardized command set for easy programming
  • 24/7 integrated performance monitoring of both the laser system and ORIGAMI IRO
  • Optional bypass for SHG beam (green)
  • Full UV/VIS/NIR from single aperture
  • Industry-leading beam pointing stability maintains alignment in experiments at any wavelength
  • Highly stable energy and power for long data collection cycles
  • Standard IR bypass with configurable power and simultaneous output capability

Customization options

  • Up to 50 W pump when used with aeroPULSE fs laser
  • Pulse synchronization capability
  • Repetition rates to multi-MHz
  • Single laser driving dual OPAs
  • Short pulse operation (down to < 40fs)
  • Built-in dispersion compensation


Typical pulse energy vs. wavelength (40 µJ Pump)









Typical output spectra (40 µJ Pump)


Typical Pulse Duration for <400fs Pump Pulse Including Optional Extensions









Typical Pulse Duration for <400fs, 40µJ pulse pumped Main OPA

Typical Pulse Energy Stability Over Time

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Input Laser Type ORIGAMI XP or XPS (aeroPULSE FS20/60 by custom request)
Input Power 4 or 5 W
Input Energy 8 - 75 µJ
Input Center Wavelength 1030 nm
Input Polarization Linear
Repetition Rate Up to 600 kHz (2 MHz by custom request)
Pulse Width < 400 fs (350 fs typical)


Conversion Efficiency at Peak 12 %, Signal + Idler
Time Bandwidth Product < 1
Pulse Width < 200 fs
Output Bandwidth 70 - 120 cm-1 (typical)
Polarization 210 nm - 2600 nm: Horizontal
IR extension: Vertical
Performance Monitor Integrated 24/7 monitoring and data logging of both pump laser and OPA conditions (e.g. beam position/pointing, repetition rate, pulse energy)
Wavelength Calibration Factory calibrated, ± 2 nm at 650 - 950 nm
Beam Routing and Separation Integrated, fully automated
Mechanical Design Monolithic OPA and UV/VIS option; IR Option separate; Laser separate
Cooling Air-Cooled; OPA & laser
Software, PC, and Automation Included (Embedded PC)
Remote Control Possible via TCP/IP (SCPI command set), Windows Remote Desktop
Base Unit 630 - 2600 nm
UV/VIS Extension (optional) 210 - 630 nm
IR Extension (optional) Up to 11 µm


Operation temperature 15°C to 25°C, <60%, non-condensing
Storage temperature 5°C to 50°C, <80%, non-condensing
Power supply 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption <100 W
Dimensions, LxWxH 677 mm x 447 mm x 162.3 mm

Dimensions and power

Dimensions: 677 mm x 163 mm x 447 mm (See drawings for details; Dimensions may vary depending on options)
Power: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, max. 100 W

Technical drawings

Pump dimensions – ORIGAMI XP



OPA dimensions – ORIGAMI IRO










Available pump and OPA configurations


All NKT Photonics products are produced under our quality management system certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Laser_warning_class_4