Onefive ORIGAMI Ultra-low noise femtosecond laser

The femtosecond laser with the lowest phase-noise on the market

Our ORIGAMI is specifically designed for OEM integration. It is the industrial-grade, ultra-compact, mode-locked, femtosecond laser that provides the lowest phase noise and timing jitter on the market.

The ORIGAMI families of laser emit transform-limited soliton pulses, providing diffraction-limited beam quality and excellent pointing stability. It is available at various wavelengths and repetition rates.

Output options are collimated free space or single mode fiber. Other available options are analog pump power control, repetition rate control and tunability, offering Carrier-Envelope-Phase (CEP) stabilization. The ORIGAMI can also be synchronized to an external reference for ultra-low timing jitter.

The ORIGAMI is an air-cooled, maintenance-free laser module packaged in a sealed and robust enclosure allowing for operation in the harshest environments. No alignment is required, and it guarantees high stability, low drift, and 24/7 operation.


  • Lowest phase noise on the market
  • Timing-jitter < 70 as [1 kHz – Nyquist]
  • Transform-limited clean soliton pulses
  • Diffraction-limited beam quality
  • No Kelly sidebands, no spectral ripple
  • Shot noise limited relative intensity noise (RIN)
  • Plug & Play
  • Maintenance-free 24/7 operation


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Get in touch to hear about other available options, such as:

  • Available wavelength range: Require an alternative wavelength? Please contact us to discuss available options
  • Available pulse duration range: <60 - 500 fs
  • Available average power range: 30 - 250 mW
  • Available pulse energy range: >0.7 - 5 nJ
  • Available pulse repetition rate range: 40 MHz - 400 MHz
  • Sync (Synchronization to external clock for ultra-low timing jitter)
  • Low noise driver
  • Carrier-Envelope-Phase (CEP) ready
  • Single shot
  • Analog pump power control
  • Repetition rate control and tunability
  • Fiber output, armored PM or SM fiber

If you did not find the option you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us for further discussions.


ORIGAMI 05-40 ORIGAMI 08-50 ORIGAMI 10-40 ORIGAMI 10-80 ORIGAMI 10-100 ORIGAMI 15-80 ORIGAMI 15-100
Repetition rate 40±2MHz 50±2MHz 40±2MHz 80±2MHz 100±2MHz 80±2MHz 100±2MHz
Wavelength 515±3nm 780±5nm 1030±2nm 1030±2nm 1030±2nm 1560±5nm 1560±10nm
Pulse duration <180 fs <160 fs <200 fs <200 fs <200 fs <200 fs <100 fs
Average power >25 mW >20 mW >100 mW >160 mW >200 mW >120 mW >100 mW1)
Pulse energy >0.625 nJ >0.4 nJ >2.5 nJ >2 nJ >2 nJ >1.5 nJ >1 nJ
Peak power >2 kW >2 kW >10 kW >8 kW >8 kW >6 kW > 8 kW
Spectral bandwidth Transform-limited (τp·Δν ~ 0.32) N.A.
Beam quality M²<1.4, TEMοο M²<1.2, TEMοο M²<1.1, TEMοο M²<1.1, TEMοο M²<1.1, TEMοο M²<1.1, TEMοο M²<1.1, TEMοο
PER >23 dB >23 dB >23 dB >23 dB >23 dB >18 dB >18 dB
Amplitude noise < 0.2% rms, < 0.5% pk-pk (24h)
Timing jitter [1kHz-10MHz] <30 fs rms <50 fs rms <30 fs rms <30 fs rms <30 fs rms <30 fs rms <30 fs rms
Laser output Collimated free space PM fiber, FC/APC 2)

1) Ex. fiber
2) Armored single mode fiber, 20 or 50 cm, other lengths are available


Warm-up time <10 minutes
Operation temperature 10 °C — 40 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C — 55 °C
Power supply 24 VDC/2.5 A or 90 - 264 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz
Power consumption <15 W
Size laser head 3) 296 x 112 x 54 mm3
Weight laser head 3) 2.5 kg
Size control unit 165 x 104 x 44 mm3
Weight control unit 0.65 kg
Cooling Air

3) Exact size and weight depends on pulse repetition rate and wavelength

ORIGAMI  support/warranty

All ORIGAMI products come with industry-leading reliability and are covered by a comprehensive warranty. Should you need the extra security of an extended warranty and remote diagnostics support this is available in our support and warranty extension package. Please contact us for more information.


Whether you want ultra-low noise laser control or easy and simple synchronization, the range of Onefive ORIGAMI laser accessories gives you full variability.

  • Low noise laser controller – The ultra-low noise controller is a plug & play, add-on module to drive its mode-locked laser unit with the lowest possible timing-jitter
  • Laser synchronization module – The compact and simple laser synchronization module allows the synchronization of pulsed laser trains to an external reference signal
  • Ultra-low noise synchronization module – The ultra-low noise synchronization allows for synchronization of ultra-short laser pulse trains with femtosecond precision
  • CEP ready – The CEP ready system consists of advanced laser and electronic architecture which allows controlling the Carrier-Envelope Phase (CEP) of the lasers in addition to the pulse repetition rate