Onefive ORIGAMI HP – ultrafast laser for multi-photon excitation

Compact ultrafast laser with clean transform-limited pulse output

ORIGAMI High Power Ultrafast Laser

Our ORIGAMI HP is specifically designed for OEM integration. This second-generation ORIGAMI HP is an ultra-compact soliton mode-locked femtosecond laser.

It provides transform-limited output pulses in excess of 4 W with pulse durations down to less than 120 fs and a repetition rate of 80 MHz at 1050 nm.

Ideal for multi-photon excitation and micro and nanostructuring

The ORIGAMI HP allows for a broad range of industrial and scientific applications. With clean pulse quality, high peak power and ideal beam profile, the ORIGAMI HP are especially attractive to fields of optogenetics, multi-photon imaging as well as micro and nanostructuring.

The clean transform-limited pulses ensure efficient excitation/activation with good penetration in tissue. Together with the excellent power and pointing stability, the ORIGAMI HP is an ideal addition to Ti-Sa lasers for multi-photon processes, or standalone for two-photon polymerization.

The market’s lowest phase-noise and timing jitter

Based on our monolithic industrial platform, the ORIGAMI HP provides diffraction-limited beam quality with excellent pointing as well as the lowest phase-noise and timing jitter on the market.

Synchronization to external clocks is an option

By incorporating options for repetition rate control and tunability, the ORIGAMI HP can be synchronized to external clocks for ultra-stable timing applications, exploiting the laser’s low-noise performance.

Maintenance-free and OEM-ready

The ORIGAMI HP is a maintenance-free laser module packaged in a sealed and robust enclosure allowing for operation in the harshest environments. No alignment is required, and it guarantees high stability, low drift and 24/7 operation making it ideal for OEM integration.


  • Lowest phase noise on the market
  • Diffraction-limited beam quality
  • No Kelly sidebands or spectral ripple
  • No amplifier built-in/no ASE noise
  • Transform-limited soliton pulses of outstanding cleanliness
  • Plug and Play
  • Maintenance-free 24/7 operation

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The ORIGAMI HP is designed as an all-in-one module; containing both laser and control elements in a compact, sealed housing.


The system can be configured to provide additional integrated elements to the laser oscillator, allowing greater choice and flexibility for the application of choice. Choose from 1):

  • Internal optical isolator 2)
  • Trigger output
  • Motorised variable attenuator
  • Dispersion pre-compensation 3)
  • Internal power monitor
  • SHG switchable
  • SHG power monitor
  • Synchronization to external clock, low noise
    Synchronization to external clock, drift removal
  • Fiber tap output

1) Please note that not all options can be combined together.
2) Pulse duration will be affected.
3) A fixed value to achieve the shortest pulse possible at the target/sample. Dispersion compensation up to 12,000 fs2. Values known for Zeiss and Leica Microscope Systems.

Preconfigured packages

Choose from three preconfigured packages:


  • ORIGAMI HP laser
  • Internal power monitor
  • Trigger output

ORIGAMI 10HP for multi-photon imaging

  • ORIGAMI 10HP laser
  • Integrated isolator
  • Dispersion pre-compensation
  • Motorized variable attenuator
  • Trigger output

ORIGAMI HP for synchronization applications

  • ORIGAMI HP laser
  • Synchronization to external clock, low noise or
    Synchronization to external clock, drift removal
    (please specify required timing jitter)
  • Fiber tap output 4)

4) Only applicable to low-noise synchronization.

Optical 1)

Center wavelength 525 ± 2.5 nm 1050 ± 5 nm
Pulse duration < 120 fs < 120 fs
Spectral bandwidth Transform-limited, soliton shape, no ripples, no pedestals, un-chirped Transform-limited, soliton shape, no ripples, no pedestals, un-chirped
Average power > 2 W >4 W
Pulse energy > 25 nJ >50 nJ
Peak power > 160 kW > 330 kW
Repetition rate 80 ± 2 MHz 80 ± 2 MHz
Beam quality M² < 1.2, TEMοο M² < 1.1, TEMοο
PER  >23 dB vertical  >23 dB vertical
Amplitude noise <1% rms <1% rms
Timing jitter <50 fs [1 kHz - 10 MHz] <50 fs [1 kHz - 10 MHz]
Output power 0.5-100% (via variable attenuator) 0.5-100% (via optional variable attenuator)
Poiting stability <5 µrad/°C, 18-35°C <5 µrad/°C, 18-35°C

1) Please inquire for possible combinations of pulse duration, average power, and repetition rate.


Laser output Collimated free-space
Warm-up time <15 minutes
Operation temperature 18 °C — 32 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C — 55 °C
Power supply requirements 24 VDC/9 A or 90 - 264 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz
Power consumption  (steady state) < 50 W
Laser head dimensions 279 x 106 x 525.6 mm3
Laser head weight 18 kg
Laser head cooling Water

ORIGAMI HP support/warranty

All ORIGAMI HP products come with industry-leading reliability and are covered by a comprehensive warranty. Should you need the extra security of an extended warranty and remote diagnostics support this is available in our support and warranty extension package. Please contact your sales representative for more information.


Whether you want ultra low noise laser control or easy and simple synchronization, the range of Onefive ORIGAMI laser accessories gives you full variability.

  • Low noise laser controller – The ultra-low noise controller is a plug & play, an add-on module to drive its mode-locked laser unit with the lowest possible timing-jitter
  • Laser synchronization module – The compact and simple laser synchronization module allows the synchronization of pulsed laser trains to an external reference signal
  • Ultra-low noise synchronization module – The ultra-low noise synchronization allows for synchronization of ultra-short laser pulse trains with femtosecond precision
  • CEP ready – The CEP ready system consists of advanced laser and electronic architecture which allows controlling the Carrier-Envelope Phase (CEP) of the lasers in addition to the pulse repetition rate