Custom Onefive KATANA XP High Energy Pulsed Laser

The laser that can adapt and synchronize to any speed change.

At NKT we build our ORIGAMI and aeroPULSE lasers in volume. The Katana XP is built to a custom request where there is a need for high pulse energy with flexible operation. The specification below is standard, with the ability to customise the laser further via the listed options.

It is designed to offer synchronization compatibility with any industrial process and its unique externally triggerable and continuously tunable repetition rate, in both slave and master operation mode, makes it the most versatile high energy laser on the market for fast, synchronous and precise industrial processes.

The KATANA XP can operate in burst-mode, too, which allows generation of pulses of arbitrary amplitude and sequence.

Other options such as efficient green over a wide range of repetition rates and motorized switching between wavelengths are available.


  • External triggering
  • Continuously tunable repetition rate
  • Pulse-on-Demand
  • Master/Slave operation


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  • Available wavelength range: 532 nm and 1064 nm
  • Available average power range: 0.55 W - 6 W
  • Available pulse energy range: 40 µJ - 400 µJ
  • Available pulse duration range: 30 ps - 1 ns
  • Available pulse repetition rate range: Pulse-on-demand up to 1 MHz
  • Burst mode
  • Efficient green over wide range of repetition rates
  • Motorized switching between wavelengths


Wavelength 532 nm 1064 nm
Pulse Duration 35 ± 15 ps 35 ± 15 ps
Average power 3.3 W 6 W
Pulse energy 200 µJ 400 µJ
Repetition rate Pulse-on-demand - 1 MHz
Spectral bandwidth < 1 nm
Beam quality M² < 1.3, TEMοο M² < 1.2, TEMοο
PER >23 dB
Amplitude noise <4.0% rms


Warm-up time <15 minutes
Operation temperature 18 °C — 32 °C
Storage temperature -15 °C — 55 °C
Power supply 24 VDC/25 A or 90 - 264 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz
Power consumption <600 W
Size laser head 135 x 715 x 306 mm3
Weight laser head 45 kg
Size control unit 133 x 483 x 400 mm3 (19"/3U rack mount) 
Weight control unit 7 kg
Cooling laser head Water
Cooling control unit Air