Onefive KATANA HP high power picosecond laser

The high power picosecond laser in yellow and infrared.

If you need a versatile high-power, sub-nanosecond pulsed laser system designed for all industrial applications, the KATANA HP laser is an excellent choice.

In the standard configuration, the KATANA HP provides pulses of 700 ps duration and a pulse repetition rate of 20-80 MHz. Get in touch to hear about other options.

The laser pulse can be triggered from an external source (in either master or slave mode). Continuous tuning of the repetition rate is standard.

Talk to us about other available options, such as isolator/collimator output.

No alignment is required making the KATANA HP maintenance-free ensuring you a low cost of ownership.

The Katana HP has already proven to be an ideal, robust source as a depletion laser for super-resolution STED fluorescence microscopy, for which application it can also provide a complete solution when combined with the SuperK FIANIUM which is a multi-wavelength system platform offering a spectrum between 400 nm and 2400 nm.


  • Visible and infrared wavelengths
  • External laser triggering
  • Continuously tunable repetition rate
  • Pulse-on-Demand
  • Master/Slave operation
  • Maintenance-free 24/7 operation


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Get in touch to hear about other available options, such as:

  • Available wavelength range: 512-532 nm, 556-660 nm, and 775 nm
  • Available pulse duration range: <10 ps - 10 ns
  • Available average power range: 1 W - 14 W
  • Available pulse energy range: >1 µJ - 100 nJ
  • Available pulse repetition rate range: Pulse-on-demand up to 100 MHz
  • Isolator/collimator output
  • Fiber output, armored PM or SM fiber


Wavelength 592 ± 2 nm 775 ± 2 nm
Pulse duration 700 ± 200 ps 700 ± 200 ps
Average power >1.2 W at 80 MHz >3 W at 80 MHz
Pulse energy >15 nJ at 80 MHz >37 nJ at 80 MHz
Repetition rate 20 - 80 MHz 20 - 80 MHz
Spectral bandwidth FWHM <1 nm <1 nm
Beam quality M² < 1.3, TEMοο M² < 1.3, TEMοο
PER >20 dB >17 dB
Amplitude noise <5% (12h)
Timing jitter <30 ps <20 ps
Laser output Collimated free-space


Warm-up time <15 minutes
Operation temperature 15 °C — 35 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C — 70 °C
Power supply 24 VDC/9 A or 90 - 264 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz
Power consumption <300 W
Laser head dimensions 1) 100 x 39 x 162 mm3
Laser head weight 1 kg
Control unit dimensions 448 x 133 x 399 mm3 (19"/3U rack mount)
Control unit weight 22 kg
Cooling Air

1) The laser head dimensions may vary according to the laser model.

Technical drawings

Laser head dimensions  (WxHxL)  100 x 39 x 162 mm3
Laser head  weight  1 kg
KATANA HP laser head dimensions
The laser head dimensions may vary according to the laser model.
Control unit dimensions 448 x 133 x 399
Control unit weight 22 kg
KATANA HP controller unit dimensions

KATANA HP support/warranty

All KATANA HP products come with industry-leading reliability and are covered by a comprehensive warranty. Should you need the extra security of an extended warranty and remote diagnostics support this is available in our support and warranty extension package. Please contact us for more information.