Onefive GENKI XP High Energy Picosecond Laser

100W Micromachining picosecond laser for cost-effective workstation integration.

The GENKI XP platform pushes industrialization of high energy and high power picosecond lasers further. The system is based on the ultra-stable Genki seed laser and provides clean pulses shorter than 10 ps, which is an optimal pulse duration window for many micromachining applications.

To satisfy the increasing demand of picosecond laser workstations, the Genki XP has been optimized to provide up to 100 W of average power and 300 μJ pulse energy at the industry-standard wavelength of 1064 nm. The laser can be tailored to work at lower repetition rates with even higher energies or at several MHz to follow high-speed automated processes.

The GENKI XP has been designed for the easiest and most cost-effective possible system integration, can be mounted in any direction and offers full remote control capability.


  • 10 ps pulse duration
  • Burst-mode
  • Excellent energy and pointing stability
  • Mountable in any direction
  • Maintenance-free – no alignment required


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  • Green 532 nm
  • UVA 355 nm
  • UVC 266 nm
  • Sync (Synchronization to external clock for ultra-low timing jitter)


Wavelenght 1064 nm 1030 nm
Pulse duration < 10 ps < 10 ps
Average power 100 W 40 W
Pulse energy 300 µJ 100 µJ
Repetition rate Single shot - 80 MHz
Spectral bandwidth < 1 nm < 2 nm
Beam quality M² < 1.3, TEMοο
PER > 20 dB
Amplitude noise < 1.0% rms < 2.0% rms