Onefive GENKI HP High Power Picosecond Laser

Cost-effective picosecond laser with integrated pulse picker.

The GENKI HP is an industrial-grade, cost-effective, high power, picosecond laser that emits close to transform-limited pulses, provides diffraction-limited beam quality and narrow spectral width.

The GENKI HP comes with an integrated pulse picker and can be operated in burst-mode. Excellent pointing stability in free-space output as well as fiber output are available.

The GENKI HP is a compact, maintenance-free laser module which is packaged in a sealed, robust enclosure. It guarantees high stability and 24/7 operation.


  • <10 ps pulse duration
  • Burst-mode
  • Pulse picker
  • Low amplitude noise
  • Maintenance-free – no alignment required

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  • Green 515–532 nm
  • UVA 343-355 nm
  • UVC 258-266 nm
  • External signal gating
  • Adjustable output power


Wavelenght 1030 - 1064 nm
Pulse duration 4 ps - 45 ps
Average power 20 W
Pulse energy 500 nJ
Repetition rate Single shot - 100 MHz
Spectral bandwidth < 5 nm
Beam quality M² < 1.2, TEMοο
PER > 20 dB
Amplitude noise < 1% rms, <3% pk-pk