Koheras HARMONIK high-power frequency-doubled laser system

The Koheras HARMONIK fiber laser system provides up to 7 W output at 780 nm with a unique combination of low noise, narrow linewidth, and excellent beam quality. It is alignment-free and maintenance-free.

Koheras HARMONIK fiber laser system

The HARMONIK system is a high-power frequency-doubled laser system consisting of our popular low-noise Koheras BOOSTIK HP fiber laser platform in combination with our new frequency converter module, HARMONIK.

Choose from two HARMONIK systems, the C7 or the E7. The C7 has an exceptionally low relative intensity noise: A RIN level of -140 dBc/Hz at 10 MHz.

The E7 has a narrow linewidth and very low phase noise: A line-width of <0.2 kHz and phase noise of -87 dB((rad/√Hz)/m) at 10 Hz.

High standard output power and excellent beam quality

For both systems, it is possible to get power up to 7 W at 780 nm and 1560 nm simultaneously. If you need a higher output power, please contact us about custom power levels.

The excellent beam quality, M2 < 1.1, is suitable for cutting edge quantum optics projects such as Magneto-Optical Trap (MOT), quantum sensing, gravimetry, and laser cooling and trapping, to mention a few.

Having a fiber-deliverable high-power source at 780 nm allows for multipurpose functionality.

Free space or fiber output in a robust packagingaeroGUIDE POWER fiber delivery

Per default, the HARMONIK systems come with free space output. If you need fiber coupling, we can propose an efficient coupling via our unique polarization-maintaining single-mode photonic crystal fiber that ensures high-power delivery.

Our aeroGUIDE fiber delivery patch cord is an excellent accessory for the HARMONIK.

The BOOSTIK system is delivered in a turn-key 19″ rack system and the HARMONIK is a tabletop module.


  • Up to 7 W at 780 nm and 1560 nm simultaneously
  • Sub-kHz linewidth
  • Ultra-low frequency and intensity noise
  • Wide wavelength tunability
  • Excellent beam quality, M2 < 1.1
  • Temperature stabilized
  • Optional PM fiber delivery
  • Simple Plug and Play operation
  • Robust and maintenance-free

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Laser models

Model C7 E7
Supported wavelengths 775-780 nm 775-780 nm
Output power Up to 7 W Up to 7 W
PM fiber delivery Optional Optional
RIN Ultra-low Low
Linewidth <30 kHz <0.2 kHz
Fast modulation Yes Yes


Model C7 E7
Supported wavelengths 1) 775-780 nm 775-780 nm
Laser emission CW – inherently single frequency CW – inherently single frequency
Beam quality M2 < 1.1 M2 <1.1
Output power 2) Up to 7 W Up to 7 W
Linewidth < 30 kHz < 0.2 kHz
Max. phase noise -66dB((rad/√Hz)/m)@10Hz
RIN peak Appr. 1.0 MHz Appr. 0.7 MHz
RIN level 3) < -117 dBc/Hz @ peak
< -137 dBc/Hz @ 10 MHz
< -97 dBc/Hz @ peak
< -132 dBc/Hz @ 10 MHz
Long term stability (RMS, 1H@25°C) 4) < ± 2% < ± 2%
Optical S/N (50 pm res.) > 50 dB > 50 dB
Polarization / PER Linear > 20 dB Linear > 20 dB
Degree of polarization / DOP ≥ 30 ≥ 30
Min. thermal wavelength tuning range ± 175 pm ± 175 pm
Total thermal wavelength tuning range 500 pm 500 pm
Fast wavelength modulation range 16 GHz 16 GHz
Fast wavelength modulation Up to 20 kHz Up to 20 kHz
Typical beam diameter @ 1/e2 2 mm 2 mm

1) Center wavelength is selectable within the specified range. Please ask for options outside the range.
2) Output power depends on the center wavelength.
3) Shot noise-limited > 5 MHz.
4) After a 10-20 minutes warm-up.

Mechanical / Electrical


Power supply requirements 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Digital interface Ethernet 10/100
Frequency modulation DB8 (male), differential 2 x 5 V
Monitor output Standard: Free-space
Optional:  Fiber FC/APC, 2.5 m
Dimensions (WxHxL) 173 x 62.5 x 240 mm3
Weight 6 kg

Technical drawings

Dimensions (WxHxL) 173 x 62.5 x 240 mm3
Weight 6 kg
HARMONIK technical drawing topview HARMONIK technical drawing sideview HARMONIK technical drawing frontview
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