Koheras BOOSTIK OEM high-power low-noise single frequency lasers

The Koheras BOOSTIK OEM module is an industrial single frequency DFB fiber laser module with active wavelength control and wide-range thermal wavelength tuning. It features ultra-narrow linewidth in the Hz range and exceptionally low frequency and intensity noise.

The module is based on our industry-leading BASIK OEM laser modules and has been designed for operation in harsh airborne or ground-based environments. With its unique isolation to acoustic noise and vibrations, it is a perfect fit for applications such as LIDAR, wind sensing, and security.

The output power is 1 W and the center wavelength can be chosen freely in the 1535-1585 nm range (e.g. on the ITU grid).

For easy control of the BoostiK OEM module, a USB to RS485 interface adapter is available including control software with a graphical user interface.


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The BoostiK OEM comes in two models: the standard low RIN C15 and  the low phase noise E15.

E15: Is an Erbium doped fiber laser system for operation in the 1530-1575 nm wavelength range offering the lowest phase and frequency noise and narrowest linewidth of the entire laser portfolio. It is often deployed for interferometric sensor applications demanding 10s of kilometers of coherence length and ultra-high frequency stability.

C15: Is a Co-doped Erbium/Ytterbium fiber laser system for operation in the 1530-1575 nm wavelength range offering the lowest intensity noise (RIN) and is a shot noise limited fiber laser.

Model Wavelength Output power PM Piezo tuning
Standard 1565 nm 1.0 W No No
Custom 1535 - 1585 nm Up to 1.3 W* Optional No

* Depending on center wavelength of the laser

Other options

  • Linewidth reduction to 10 kHz (C15 model)
  • Custom center wavelengths anywhere in 1535-1585 nm range
  • USB to RS485 adapter


  C15 E15
Laser emission CW - inherently single frequency
Beam quality M² < 1.05 M² < 1.05
Line width [kHz]* <50KHz (optionally <10) < 0.1 (Lorenzian)
RIN @ f≥0.5 MHz ≤ -145 dBc/Hz ≤ -120 dBc/Hz
RIN @ f≥1.0 MHz ≤ -145 dBc/Hz ≤ -130 dBc/Hz
RIN @ f≥3.0 MHz ≤ -155 dBc/Hz ≤ -140 dBc/Hz
Optical S/N [dB] (50 pm res.) > 65 (typ. > 70)** >50
Thermal tuning Standard
Total thermal tuning range [pm]2 1000 (at room temperature) ***

*Self heterodyne with optical delay of 120 µs
** Depending on wavelength
*** If the laser is operated in very cold or hot environments, this tuning range is truncated on either the upper or lower side.

Mechanical / Environmental

Power supply requirements [VDC] 11-13 V, 4 A
Power consumption Typical 20 W, max 30 W
Control connector IDC-16 (Digital PC interface)
Fiber pigtail length [m] 0.5-0.7 m
Connectors E2000 APC
Dimensions, base plate (HxWxD) [mm] 282x194x5 mm
Dimensions, heat sink (HxWxD) [mm] 2 x 175x40x40 mm incl. fans
Dimensions, enclosure (HxWxD) [mm] 243x148x74 mm
Weight [kg] ~3.8 kg, incl. heat sink
Operating temperature range [˚C] 10 - 60 (module case temperature)
Storage temperature range [˚C] -20 - 60
Humidity non condensing [%RH] 0-70
Vibration [G @ 15-200 Hz] 0.2
Koheras BOOSTIK OEM mechanical drawing top view Koheras BOOSTIK OEM mechanical drawing side view
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