Koheras MIKRO single-frequency OEM lasers

The Koheras BASIK MIKRO is the smallest industrial single frequency fiber laser on the market. Designed for OEM integration in industrial sensing systems like DAS and vibrometry, it features unrivaled reliability and a robust design. The module includes fully integrated laser control electronics and continuous monitoring of the laser performance. Based on a truly single mode DFB fiber laser architecture, it offers ultra stable performance free of mode-hops.
With thousands of lasers installed in DAS systems worldwide, the Koheras MIKRO sets the standard for performance and reliability in high performance sensing applications.

Koheras MIKRO industrial single frequency laser


  • ­Compact and robust laser optimized for OEM integration in sensing applications like DAS and vibrometry
  • Low phase noise and narrow linewidth
  • Robust single-frequency operation
  • High wavelength stability
  • PM and fast frequency tuning option


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Wavelength and tuning

The standard wavelength is 1550 nm and the MIKRO is available with output wavelength anywhere in the 1535 to 1580 nm range. Moreover, the laser offers a wide thermal wavelength tuning range and can be combined with fast wavelength modulation e.g. for external stabilization.


The lasers are available with PM (Polarisation Maintaining) or non-PM output.


For easy control, the MIKRO is available with an optional USB interface kit and can be controlled via our NKTP CONTROL graphical user interface.

Model Standard Wavelength Other wavelengths Output power PM Fast modulation
E15 1550.12 nm 1535 - 1580 nm 40 mW Optional Optional

*) Fixed output power (non adjustable)


Laser emission CW - inherently single frequency
Beam quality, M² < 1.05
Linewidth  1) < 0.1 kHz
Max phase noise -90 dB((Rad/√Hz)/m) @10 Hz
-110 dB((Rad/√Hz)/m) @100 Hz
-130 dB((Rad/√Hz)/m) @20 kHz
Max phase-noise 32 (µrad/√Hz)/m @10 Hz
3.2 (µrad/√Hz)/m @100 Hz
0.3 (µrad/√Hz)/m @20 kHz
RIN peak app. 0.7 MHz
RIN level @ peak / 10 MHz [dBc/Hz] <-100 / <-135
Optical S/N (50 pm res.) > 50 dB (typ. > 55 dB) 2)
Min thermal wavelength tuning range 3) +/- 150 pm
Total thermal tuning range 450 pm
Fast wavelength modulation range > 8 GHz
Fast wavelength modulation Up to 20 kHz
PM output - PER > 23 dB

1) 120 µs integration time.

2) >47 dB (typ. > 52 dB) for non-PM version.

3) Relative to center wavelength at room temperature. If the laser is operated in very cold or hot environments, this wavelength range is truncated on either the upper or lower side.

Mechanical / Electrical/Environmental

Power supply requirements 12 VDC
Power consumption Typical 4 W, max 12 W
Communication interface RS-485
Optical output FC/APC (0.5 m pigtail)
Dimensions (HxWxD) 20 mm x 70 mm x 150 mm
Weight [kg] 0.35 kg
Operating temperature range, module temperature 15 - 60 °C
Humidity non condensing 0-70 %RH


BASIK MIKRO mechanical drawing