Hollow core photonic crystal fibers

Hollow-core photonic bandgap fibers use a microstructured cladding region with air holes to guide light in a hollow core. The photonic bandgap guiding mechanism is fundamentally different from the traditional total internal reflection guiding principle. This new technology provides the basis for high-power delivery without non-linear effects or material damage.

As more than 98% of the mode is confined in air, the fibers are also very radiation insensitive making them suitable for radiation hard environments.


  • High threshold power for non-linear effects
  • Pure silica material
  • The core can be filled with gasses, particles, etc.
  • Extreme dispersion values for pulse compression/dispersion compensation
  • No Fresnel reflections at open fiber ends

Other advantages with these fibers are that they are almost entirely bend-insensitive. They can be bent down to a bend diameter <1 cm without any change in the optical transmission.


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HC-800 HC-1060 HC-1550
Center wavelength 820 nm  1060 nm 1550 nm
Attenuation @ center wavelength < 0.25 dB/m < 0.1 dB/m < 30 dB/km
Bandwidth ~100 nm ~100 nm ~200 nm
Mode field diameter (1/e2) 5.5 ± 1 µm  7.5 µm ± 1 µm 9 ± 1 µm