Fianium WhiteLase supercontinuum lasers

The Fianium WhiteLase is the sports car in our supercontinuum laser range offering bleeding-edge performance and the highest output power of any white light laser on the market. If you need every photon you can get and want the ability to customize your laser, this is the system for you.

Like the SuperK EXTREME, the Fianium WhiteLase provides a broadband single-mode output in the entire 410-2400 nm range. Operating in the MHz repetition rate range, with picosecond pulses, these systems can be utilized effectively for both steady-state and lifetime measurement. The inherently robust all-fiber design provides unsurpassed performance combined with ease-of use and low maintenance. The touchscreen interface enables one-touch access to all laser settings, pre-sets, diagnostics and live system status.

There is no need to compromise on spectrum or power because the WhiteLase SC offers both the shortest cut-in wavelength, the most visible power, and the highest total power available.


  • 410-2400 nm continuous output
  • Highest available output power – 20W
  • Fixed or variable repetition rate
  • Touchscreen control with intuitive operation
  • Single spatial mode across the output spectrum
  • Advanced triggering options
  • Compatible with LLTF Contrast

All systems include integrated touch-screen control, allowing one-touch access to all laser settings, pre-sets, diagnostics and live system status in addition to optional computer control.

The Fianium WhiteLase is ideal for research and application development where cutting-edge performance and customization is important. For industrial applications and the very best in lifetime and maintenance-free operation, we recommend our SuperK EXTREME series.

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Model  Total Power (full spectrum) Visible power (350-750 nm)
WL-SC-400-40 >20 W >3.0 W


Repetition rate

On-the-fly variable repetition rate (pulse picker) or fixed repetition rate 2MHz-80MHz.

Warranty Extension

Extend the normal 24 month warranty with an extra 12 or 24 months


Repetition rate 80 MHz +/- 4 MHz
Variable repetition rate* 80 MHz -2 MHz
Total power 20 W
Visible power (400-850 nm) >3250 mW
Total power stability ±1.0%
Polarization Unpolarized
Beam output Gaussian, single mode
Typical M² (>430 nm) < 1.1
Output option Reflective collimator
Lenght of output fiber 1.5 m
Beam Diameter ∼1.5 mm @ 633 nm
∼2.5 mm @ 1060 nm
Beam divergence (half angle) < 3 mrad
Typical single mode fiber coupling efficiency (>430 nm) >70%

Mechanical / Electrical

Computer interface USB/15 way D connector
Operation voltage 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption  ~300 W
Door interlock connector** 15 way D connector
System cooling Air cooled
Operation temperature +15°C to +30°C
Storage temperature -10°C to +60°C
Dimensions (WxHxL) 450x400x200 mm
Weight 23 kg
Sync (trigger) output 1. NIM compatible trigger with adjustable delay
2. Oscillator monitor photodiode
NIM trigger specifications >10 ns adjustable delay in 10 ps steps

* Variable repetition rate is a product option
** This laser is a Class 4 laser and is required to be connected to a door interlock/circuit

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