aeroPULSE PS high power narrow linewidth picosecond lasers

aeroPULSE is a portfolio of industrial-grade mode-locked fiber lasers based on NKT Photonics world renowned Crystal Fiber platform. Delivering up to 40 W of output power, while maintaining a linewidth less than 1 nm, the aeroPULSE line is designed for applications within semiconductor inspection, bioimaging and material processing.

aeroPULSE control unit This family of rugged and compact OEM lasers uses state-of-the-art mode-locking technology to deliver ultra-short picosecond pulses with outstanding long-term stability, very narrow linewidth, low noise, and excellent TEMoo--mode quality.

As standard, aeroPULSE is available with output powers up to 40W emitting at 1030nm. Other wavelengths, including green, are available upon request.

Optimized  for demanding applications

The aeroPULSE lasers were developed for demanding 24/7 OEM applications, high-lighting unit-to-unit consistency and uptime, low cost of ownership, and ease of integration.

Designed for the stringent requirements of semiconductor wafer processing and micromachining applications where its superior reliability is a mandatory product attribute. Every feature of the aeroPULSE is designed for continuous and consistent operation for in demanding applications.

Rugged industrial design

The system configuration consists of a 19” rack-mountable control unit and a very low-profile laser head that can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The laser head can be either air-cooled for low output power performance or water-cooled for high output power performance.

Remote control via an RS-232 interface

The system can be remotely controlled via an RS-232 interface and incorporates extensive on-board data logging of key parameters. Our proprietary manufacturing technology ensures product quality while our tightly controlled supply chain makes for consistency.


  • Up to 40W average power
  • Excellent beam pointing stability
  • Narrow linewidth
  • Compact & rugged OEM design
  • Low cost of ownership
  • All-fiber design, industrial reliability
  • Maintenance-free 24/7 operation
  • System monitoring via remote diagnostics
  • No warm-up time – Instant ON

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aeroPULSE PS high power laser detailAs standard, the aeroPULSE laser comes in two models with 10 and 40 W output power, respectively. The center wavelength is 1030 nm. As the fiber platform of the aeroPULSE is very flexible, we can supply other configurations, should you need them. Let us know what you need.

Model Power Pulse Length Rep. Rate*
PS10 10 W 5 ps 80 MHz
PS40 40 W 20 ps 20 MHz

* Other values available on request


Power* Up to 40 W
Wavelength* 1030 nm
Pulse duration 5 ps
Repetition rate* 10-400 MHz
Polarization Linearly polarized, PER >17 dB
Beam diameter ~1 mm
Beam divergence 1.6 ± 0.2 mrad
Spatial mode Fundamental, M2 ≤1.2
Power fluctuation (50 hours) <0.5 %
Warm-up Time <1 min

* Other  values available on request


Computer Interface USB 2.0, RS 232
Operation Voltage 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption <330 W
System Cooling Air or water cooled
Chiller Included (rack mount or floor stand)
Operation Temperature 18-30°C
Storage Temperature -10°C to +60°C
Dimensions (WxHXL)
Laser head
Control box
Chiller (floor stand)
Chiller (rack mount)
335.5 x 100 x 450 mm3
375 x 177 x 440 mm3 (4U 19” rack)
330 x 197 x 279 mm3
432 x 177 x 438 mm3
Weight laser head 10.2 kg
Weight control box Up to 14.7 kg
Weight chiller 9 kg

aeroPULSE PS mechanical drawing

aeroPULSE support/warranty

All aeroPULSE products come with industry-leading reliability and are covered by a comprehensive warranty. Should you need the extra security of an extended warranty and remote diagnostics support this is available in our support and warranty extension package. Please contact us for more information.


The aeroPULSE systems are driven by our proven pulsed platform used in the SuperK EXTREME supercontinuum lasers. Consequently, the systems are completely maintenance-free and have an expected lifetime of more than 20,000 hours.


All NKT Photonics products are produced under our quality management system certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. United Registrar of Systems Laser_warning_class_4