aeroGUIDE broadband single mode patch cords

The line of aeroGUIDE PCF patch cords includes some of our most popular fibers used for transport and delivery.  These fibers offer performance beyond conventional fibers, with broadband single mode operation, large mode area for high power handling and low nonlinearities, superior beam quality, low loss, and polarization maintaining features.  The fiber ends are sealed and connectorized, offering a hermetic and robust interface.

The aeroGUIDE-POWER is the gold standard of high power single-mode fiber delivery. With a mode area larger than 120 µm2, the aeroGUIDE power offers the highest nonlinear threshold of any PM single-mode delivery system on the market.

aeroGUIDE broadband single mode patch cords - power

The systems are equipped with high power SMA-905 connectors with built-in mode strippers to remove uncoupled light. The light exits through the “windows” in the connector, reducing the thermal load for better performance at high power.

The aeroGUIDE-POWER is single-mode and can guide light with low loss anywhere in the 500 to 2000 nm range.

The fiber is protected by an armored squarelock steel cable that can handle daily use and even inter-lab routing through walls.


  • Truly single-mode
  • Up to 400-2000 nm in one fiber
  • Standard telecom connectors
  • PM option
  • Sealed ends with beam expansion
  • Wavelength independent MFD
  • Pure silica fiber


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The aeroGUIDE series come in two basic configurations: Standard and Power. The standard series is designed for ultra broadband delivery while the Power series is optimized for high power delivery. The Power series is especially suited for delivery of high power narrow linewidth lasers where other fiber delivery solutions are often limited by SBS.

MFD @ 532 nm Recommended wavelength range
aeroGUIDE-5-PM 4.2 ± 0.5 μm 400 — 1500 nm
aeroGUIDE-8 7.2 ± 0.5 μm 400 — 2000 nm
aeroGUIDE-10-PM 8.4 ± 0.5 μm 450 — 2000 nm
aeroGUIDE-POWER 12.5 µm ± 1.5 µm  500 — 2000 nm
  Standard POWER
Fiber Length 5.0 m +0.1/-0  m (up to 10 m on request)
Termination FC/PC or FC/APC SMA-905 (Available with FC/APC output on request)
Facet angle FC/PC 0.0° ± 0.5°  -
Facet angle FC/APC 8.0° ± 0.5°  -
Facet angle SMA-905  - 5° ± 1 °
Tubing 3 mm kevlar reinforced furcation tube  Squarelock steel
Single-mode cut-off wavelength* None
Fiber core and cladding material Pure silica